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Dr.Julaine Hunter

Julaine Hunter

Dr. Julaine Hunter is a graduate of the University of Minnesotas College of Veterinary Medicine. Following graduation she completed a year long, rotating field and hospital large animal internship at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Following this she sought additional equine specialty training at the first state veterinary school in the United States, founded in 1879, Iowa State Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine. Following this she entered into a mixed animal practice which emphasized small animal medicine and surgery. This experience led to an increased interest in canine and feline medicine as well as soft tissue surgery in particular. Dr. Hunter has found the skills derived originally from equine practice to be readily applicable to that of her smaller though no less captivating patients.

It is her desire to nurture, to strengthen and to enhance the bond between her clients and her patients throughout their entire lifespan via the practice of preventative and wellness-based medicine, early therapeutic intervention and compassionate, dignified, end of life care.

Dr. Hunter is passionate about her vocation and annually attends numerous local middle school career day events in the hopes of inspiring young people to seek training in the sciences, and hopefully, a few to join the veterinary profession. In addition, she provides private, behind the scenes tours of the Frisco LazyPaw Animal Hospitals clinic to school groups, boys and girls clubs and Mommy And Me organizations.


Dr. Brent Bilhartz

Brent Bilhartz

I have two loves in my life, my wife Dr. Julaine Hunter and the work I do every day in caring for animals of all types. The great thing is that here at LazyPaw Animal Hospital I get to combine the two, something that not many people get to do.

Being a vet is not my first career. My professional life started as a scientist at the University of Minnesota. My focus was to understand the biology of childhood leukemia and developing gene therapies as a leukemia treatment. Gene therapies (now usually called immunotherapies) are creating breakthrough in treating a wide number of cancers and medical health conditions. Now, as a medicine guy, I use the tools delivered by the basic scientists. I still have many friends in the basic sciences and try to stay "plugged in."

From the scientific background (read "nerd") I became interested in Veterinary Medicine largely due to the natural connection between science and medicine. It didn't hurt that my wife was an accomplished vet and that I had a deep love for caring for animals. Our plan was generally to support each other while we went to vet school one at a time. Julaine was admitted first so my career as a scientist supported her veterinary training at the University of Minnesota. Then we switched; her career as a veterinarian supported my training at Iowa State University. I like to think we executed our career plan pretty well. The end product is LazyPaw Animal Hospitals here in Frisco.

My emphasis is still on caring for animals and people in a comprehensive way that focuses on a team approach. I enjoy being able to work directly with the animal patients while also having a chance to talk to their owners. Building a sense of trust and integrity with clients is a hallmark of this practice and one that allows me to treat animals throughout their life through most medical issues that may arise.



Judge: Needs a Forever Home Judge: Needs a Forever Home
Wednesday, June 11
posted by Brent Bilhartz
Judge: Needs a Forever Home

Call LazyPaw and we will share his current owners information
Friscos Annual Community Clean-Up Friscos Annual Community Clean-Up
Wednesday, April 30
posted by Julaine Hunter
 On Saturday, April 26, 2014, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ Practice Manager, Kinsey Eliot, and Canine Ambassador and Public Figure, Elfie, will be participating in the Frisco Young Professionals “Clean It and Green It” event from 8AM until 10:30AM.  FYP members are participating in Frisco’s Annual Community Clean-Up and Earth Day Celebration!
White Coat Ceremony for OSU Vet Students White Coat Ceremony for OSU Vet Students
Wednesday, April 23
posted by Julaine Hunter

The White Coat Ceremony is a means of articulating and impressing upon doctors-soon- to-be their professional responsibilities. For veterinary students, this is a way of introducing them to the responsibility of the veterinarian-patient-client relationship through receipt of a physical object symbolic of the profession, the white coat, and all the obligations inherent to practitioners of veterinary medicine to be excellent in science, compassion and morality.


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