Fatty Foods and Pancreatitis

The butter had vanished. But it couldn’t have gone too far, Becca had only left the kitchen for a second. She searched among the assortment of ingredients she had set on the counter in preparation for baking cookies. As she checked under the table, she heard a smacking sound coming from the living room…

Hera the mastiff was laying on top of her massive ottoman in the perfect likeness of a queen who had just polished off an exquisite feast. Becca tried to interrupt her, but both sticks of butter were history. She immediately thought about pancreatitis, which occurs when the …Read More

Gastrointestinal Upset in Dogs

Magic trotted along the sidewalk as far ahead of me as his leash would allow. He paused, sniffed the grass, and turned around in a little circle. I pulled the plastic clean-up bag out of my pocket in response to this ritual. Once I approached him, his obvious diarrhea told me something was very wrong with his digestion. But Magic didn’t seem too bothered by this gastrointestinal issue. He continued to hold his flag-like tail high as he pranced by the dogs barking at him from behind their fences for the rest of his walk.

Minor gastrointestinal issues were not newsworthy …Read More

Never Leave a Dog in a Hot Car

The morning forecast had predicted a high of 103 degrees and I could almost see the steam coming off the parking lot from my lunch table by the window. The sun reflected off my Jeep’s windshield which was probably already reaching an oven-like temperature. I thought about my middle school classmate’s science project when he baked cookies on the dashboard of his mom’s car on a summer day like this one.

In the middle of my meal, I noticed a black car parked on the opposite side of the window with a little terrier sitting in the front seat. The 12:00 …Read More

The Wellness Visit is Worth the War

When the time for Midnight’s annual wellness visit rolls around, she treats the entire day like a living nightmare. Once I take the cat crate out of the closet, she immediately darts under the bed and hisses her declaration of war. After I fish her out and attempt to lower her into the crate, she grips all four sides as if her life depends on it. The moment she is placed on the scale, she screeches until the whole city feels her fury. Throughout the drive home, her angry eyes glare at me from behind her own personal prison with …Read More

Feline Chronic Renal Disease and SubQ Fluids: Part II

Finn, a fourteen-year-old cat with chronic renal disease, began subcutaneous fluid treatment to help his body deal with toxins that his kidneys were no longer able to process normally. Subcutaneous, also called subQ for short, means just beneath the skin. SubQ fluid is received through a needle connected to a fluid line (a long, flexible tube) and fluid bag.

In the beginning, Finn’s family were reluctant to begin the treatment and Finn was also understandably stressed by this unusual activity. When it was time for him to receive his fluids, he hid in the very back corner of his mom’s closet …Read More

Feline Chronic Renal Disease and SubQ Fluids: Part I

I stared at the YouTube video on my phone of a cute pig eating a cookie, attempting to distract myself from the heavy dread I felt. I tuned out the irritated meows coming from Midnight’s carrier and tried to believe her blood work results were going to be fine. Even after two years of surprisingly well maintained kidney levels, I knew chronic renal disease is irreversible and worried our days of great blood work could be over.

Once Dr. Bilhartz returned to our exam room with the results, he told me Midnight’s blood work indicated that it was time to consider …Read More

Frisco Animal Services and Tomorrow’s Local Election

The impact of Frisco’s rapid growth on citizens and public safety departments remains at the forefront of many conversations regarding tomorrow’s local election. Candidates for mayor Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney have expressed their intentions to effectively handle this rapid growth and support public safety departments. Bob Allen has stated “Public safety must remain our number one priority”. Jeff Cheney maintains a focus on “quality over quantity” in response to growth and has also expressed public safety to be his “Priority #1”.

Fully supporting public safety should include supporting Frisco’s Animal Services division, a division of the Frisco Police Department. In …Read More

Early Stages of Feline Chronic Renal Disease

Midnight is only five years younger than I am, so her veterinarian had already warned me about the prevalence of chronic renal disease among senior cats. But while Midnight’s diagnosis was not shocking, that didn’t make the news any easier to hear. Because she had not yet shown any of the symptoms I was watching out for, I hadn’t expected her to develop a kidney problem yet.

Chronic renal disease occurs when a cat’s kidneys become unable to function normally over time. Like Midnight, cats who are in the early stages sometimes don’t show obvious symptoms and the signs only appear …Read More

Declawing a Destructive Cat?

As my cousin Karen filled out the stack of adoption forms, her new kitten Rose fussed and pushed the sides of the cardboard take-home box so hard Karen feared she would escape. Karen remembered the shelter volunteer’s straightforward warning: “This one’s a terror”. But when they first met, Rose’s baby meow and big adorable eyes made her look like a perfect angel— until she was placed in the box for the trip home. But Karen still insisted on making her part of the family, so the volunteer explained that she should prepare herself to patiently work through some undesirable behaviors. …Read More

Xylitol Poisoning

My best friend Liz and her Shepherd mix Luna have been a package deal since the day Liz found her at a local rescue. Where Liz goes, Luna enthusiastically follows. But nobody ever minds, because watching Luna hop from person to person and squeeze all one-hundred pounds of herself onto someone’s crushed lap makes every party, movie night, and dinner a hilarious event. While Luna is a charismatic personality to have around, she also knows to do what she is told— for the most part. Every once in a while, Luna falls victim to her guilty pleasure of thievery. If …Read More

The Inescapable E-Collar

Our newly adopted stray Mella was obviously not a member of the feral cat colony which occupied our neighborhood. The feral cats would do anything to avoid humans as much as possible, even if that meant using storm drains as a travel system and only venturing out for food late at night. But Mella purposefully sought human contact— shortly after we found her we learned that most of our neighbors already knew her and had fed her dinner on several occasions. But even though she loved to be near people, she was still more like a bobcat than she was …Read More

Treating and Preventing Fleas

Focus on the textbook I reminded myself for the hundredth time. But before I was able to delve back into my study guide, I heard it again: cling cling cling cling cling— the jingling sound Magic’s collar made while he desperately scratched an intense itch. Once he repeated this very loud and exhausting routine, I slammed my book shut in frustration and abandoned my homework pile to find him.

Upon entering the living room where Magic’s favorite bed was kept, I found he had tied himself into a dog pretzel, vigorously gnawing a spot above his tail. I parted his fur …Read More

Lilies are Toxic to Cats

Lilies were once one of my favorite flowers, but I have now banned them from my house after learning they place my cat Midnight’s health at risk. Midnight and I are very lucky that she never nibbled the cut lilies I used to keep on the coffee table, because even a small snack could have threatened her life.

While it is still unknown what exactly causes lilies to be so toxic to cats, it is certain that eating any part of the plant such as the leaves, flowers, pollen, or vase water will cause kidney failure and death if untreated. Fortunately …Read More

Car Rides with Pets

My dog Magic’s nails dug into my leg as he hopped up and down to get a better look at the smiling Golden Retriever hanging her head out the car window in the left lane. “Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop!” I chanted while I desperately clutched the wheel with two fingers and nudged him toward the passenger seat. But he was already back in my lap and perched on his hind legs— for some reason beyond human understanding the view from the other window was unsatisfactory. “I’m still not rolling the window down,” I reminded him. “You don’t want to get …Read More

Introducing New Pets

It only took Magic a couple days after his adoption to prove that he got along great with humans. He was gentle with children who wanted to pet him, automatically trusted anyone with a house key, and loved to swing in the hammock with my friends. Trying to predict how he would behave around my cat Midnight was a different story. But as a small scruffy mutt who was already missing most of his teeth, he certainly didn’t look like a cat killer.

My family kept Magic and Midnight separated at first by confining them to different areas of the house. …Read More

Adopting a cat with Feline Leukemia Virus

At 1:00 in the morning, the movie I had been watching was suddenly interrupted by a very loud baby crying outside my window. Upon hurriedly opening my front door, I realized the sound was not not made by a baby, but by the emaciated, desperate, stray cat springing out of the bushes and screaming for dinner.

I first locked Midnight, my own cat, safely away in my bedroom to protect her from this unknown cat’s possible sickness or aggression. I then brought my new acquaintance into the kitchen for some food and water. While my first thought was to give her …Read More

Adopting a Heartworm Positive Dog

As Mom and I looked inside each kennel at our local animal shelter, the decision before us became increasingly difficult— every dog needed love just as much as the last one. In the small dog area, we spotted a little scruffy mutt. His hair was so long and matted he looked like a black and white mop, but beneath his rat’s nest his bright blue eye and deep brown eye sparkled when he saw us. We sat with him in a little room with a bench, and he sprung onto my lap so everyone could have the opportunity to pet …Read More

The E-Collar Helps Minor Problems

As my dog Magic aged, he became less like the carefree spirit we had adopted and instead grew quite irritable. In his younger years he was cheerful rather than crotchety, but as his fur began to gray and his fuse shortened, he seemed more like an old man character one would see in a movie shouting, “You kids get off my property!” His short fuse also applied to his occasional minor health problems as he easily became consumed by small discomforts.

One morning after a walk I found Magic laying in his bed and licking his paw so intensely he hardly …Read More

Ear Infection Treatment for Dogs

Around my house, the exclamation “Magic stinks!” was not uncommon. Every dog has an unpleasant habit or two, but Magic’s most beloved hobbies were really gross. In his eyes, the cat’s litter box was an all you can eat buffet, a rotten dead squirrel was a rare treasure, and a smelly running shoe was the perfect air freshener. Anytime he disappeared somewhere in the house or backyard for a suspiciously long time, he always returned with a big smile and an unbearable stench.

But one day, this stench was different– but it definitely still made my nose burn. And not only …Read More

Shelby Passed Her CVA Level II

Shelby Passed!! She is now a Certified Veterinary Assistant Level II

At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals we take every opportunity to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Birthdays, anniversaries, new baby arrivals or academic achievements are all fair game.  We are pleased to announce that our very own Shelby Aton is now a Level II Certified Veterinary Assistant!!!  In our hospital a veterinary assistant is an extension of the veterinary medical team and responsible for assisting both doctors and technicians with patient care and diagnostic procedures.

What is the CVA?:

There are three levels of veterinary assistant certifications in Texas. Each requires the completion of a range of skills …Read More

Dog Sprayed by Skunk

Texas is a great place for your dog to be sprayed buy a skunk, being the biggest state in the Union, it only makes sense that we would have five distinct skunk species, way more than any other state! Given this fact, if you or your pets are prone to stray from the beaten path, or if you are lucky enough to reside in or near greenbelt areas, it is more than likely that at some point you will run into a skunk.  Skunks are active primarily in the night hours and can adapt well to urban areas like the …Read More

Girl Scout Animal Helper Badge

As part of our ongoing commitment to service to our local community, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals was thrilled to host members of Girl Scout Troop 36 and assist them in attaining their Girl Scout Animal Helper Badge.  The purpose of this badge is to aid scouts in learning about the numerous ways in which animals assist their human companions and how to aid animals in furtherance of their beneficial work. The badge requires Girl Scouts to explore past and present connections between animals and human beings in how they aid in keeping people safe, in helping individuals with physical and emotional disabilities, …Read More

Canine Allergies in Texas

Dog Allergies in Texas. Atopic dermatitis. Allergic skin disease. Atopy. They all mean the same thing. Your pet is allergic to something, and it’s usually something outside. While our allergies involve itchy eyes and watery noses, our pet’s allergies typically result in itchy skin which can get pretty uncomfortable considering the skin is the largest organ in the body. The most common places our pets are going to scratch will be their ears, abdomen, and feet – potentially because all three are easily accessible with the mouth to chew or the feet to scratch.

Diagnosing and managing allergies can be extremely …Read More

Fowler Middle School 2016 Career Day

The Fowler Falcons honored our clinic by inviting me and KatyDid back for our sixth annual career day visit this past November!  A fantastic, Frisco Independent School District Middle School, Fowler’s career counselors like presenters to get down to the nitty gritty of their jobs by sharing as much detail about them as possible and by honestly sharing with students how we earned the positions we currently hold. The students also appreciate learning what skills and interests help us to do our jobs better, and more importantly, what we do typically in a day, what our responsibilities are and how …Read More

Wester Middle School 2016 Career Day

This year KatyDid and I had to good fortune to be invited back to Frisco Independent School District’s Wester Middle School for the 6th year in a row to participate in their annual career day program.   Wester’s career day goals are to encourage students to begin thinking about their futures beyond school from local professionals who can be for them positive role models in various occupations.  In addition, often this brief introduction to a vocation can provide students with a positive connection between what to some may feel like mundane school routines and expectations for what they can do later …Read More

Paws and Give Thanks 2016

For the past three years the student members of USITT, United States Institute of Theatre Technology, have worked hard to support local animal care facilities.  Mr. Shurr, faculty member and Director of the Theater Department of Reedy High School is spear-heading their efforts again this year.


Collin County Animal Services will be the recipient of USITT’s annual Paws And Give Thanks collection of non-monetary donations.  Kroger has been kind enough to permit use of their facility, and we at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals are happy to support their efforts and store these items until transport to Collin County Animal Services. Most shelters do not have it …Read More

2016 Santa Pet Picts

This year’s third annual pet picts with Santa was a rousing success. Not only were numerous, generous donations collected from our clients for the benefit of Frisco Family Services’ Food Pantry, but we hosted over 77 families in a little under three hours! What does this tell us?!! Well, at our after event review we concluded  that next year’s event will need to be even bigger and better.

Though our LVT Carey’s and Lead Client Coordinator Becca’s innovative and dazzling Winter Wonderland creation was well received, it quickly became apparent that Santa still held center stage and was in the highest demand. …Read More

Pet Pictures with Santa 2016

Join us at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals for our 6th Annual Pet Pictures with Santa this Saturday, December 3rd!

We will take photos from 2:00-5:00.

We will also provide a Winter Wonderland scene option for anyone who might be shy around the Big Guy. All LazyPaw patients, their families, and the general public are welcome!

In addition to holiday photos, we will also collect donations of non-perishable and canned goods for Frisco Family Services.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

With its full sized body and its short little legs, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an easy breed to recognize. Originally bred for herding sheep these stocky, solid and athletic dogs are incredible fast and determined pets.

There are actually two different breeds of Corgis, the Pembroke and the Cardigan. Interestingly enough the two are very similar in appearance with one distinctive feature. The Pembroke is a breed that can be born without a tail while the Cardigan has a relatively long tail.

Besides being minus a tail the Corgi is a low to the ground dog that has a wide, flat …Read More

A Hairless Breed: The Chinese Crested

Originally brought into the United States as a sort of a novelty breed, the Chinese Crested has really come into its own as a wonderful companion pet and unique breed of dog. There are actually two forms of the Chinese Crested, one with a silky, coat, known as the Powder Puff, and one that is hairless over the body. Most litters will have both hairless and Powder Puff puppies born at the same time. Both make excellent pets although there are some definite differences in the care required for the hairless variety.

The first misconception to clear up is that the …Read More

The Lovable Lhasa Apso

Another of the toy sized long haired companion dogs, the Lhasa Apso has become a very popular companion dog all over the world. Sometimes mistaken for a Shih Tzu, these dogs are really very distinctive in both appearance and personality.

When the coat of the Lhasa Apso is left long, it is really amazing and beautiful when properly cared for and groomed daily. For ease of care many owners choose to clip the coat short, which gives a more sporty and puppyish look to the dog. However, no matter how the coat is clipped the beautiful hair on the tail curling …Read More

The Bouvier des Flandres

Besides just having a very unusual name, the Bouvier des Flandres is really a very unusual breed of dog. More commonly known by the shortened moniker of the Bouvier, this breed originated in what are now the countries of  France and Belgium.

Unlike some breeds, the exact ancestors of the modern Bouvier des Flandres are a subject of hot debate with dog breeders. There is no doubt, however, the origins of the dog was as a herding and working dog, not as a dog for the show ring. As such there were no real efforts to create a unique breed, but …Read More

Do animals have a sense of humor?

Do animals have a sense of humor?

Scientists trying to develop a better antidepressant pharmaceutical have made an accidental discovery—that animals have a funny bone. In the course of researching a pill to make life a little sunnier for people feeling blue, researchers found out that rats really do laugh when tickled, and that this outward expression correlates with inner feelings of happiness.


Multiple studies have shown that animals including monkeys, dogs, and other animals laugh as well. Neural paths for laughter are deep in the brain in both humans and animals, which many accept as proof that laughing was integral …Read More

Help your pet with fear of the vacuum

The sound of a vacuum is a source of modern comfort to humans—to us, it signals a quick route to a clean floor. To your dog or cat, the same noise signals unexplained chaos.


Some of our patients at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals were raised inside the home from day one, so they’re more used to sounds such as the coffee maker and television. Others may not be as adjusted to the racket of living in a home in 2014, or they are naturally more timid around loud noises the blender makes. For these pets, at least until a white-noise-whisper blender hits …Read More

Why is my cat scared of rain?

Storms can be fun to watch, but not if you’re a cat. Plenty of our feline patients at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals have major reactions to the weather, especially thunderstorms and sometimes even rain. Whenever it rains, and sometimes even before it rains, a few of our feline friends get the shakes, meow like crazy, and take cover anywhere they can—under beds, blankets, couches, or in cabinets.


Some humans who get migraines or have joint pain can closely connect their aches with storms on the horizon. Doctors believe this is thanks to heightened sensitivity to atmospheric pressure, and the same is likely …Read More

Help your pet with fear of the vet

Leashes being yanked out of hands, waiting room accidents, constant whining, meowing, and barking… Loving animals through their anxiety is all in a day’s work for the front of office staff at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. Though it’s unlikely that most pet patients will ever learn to jump for joy at the prospect of a vet clinic visit, there are some tricks to teaching animals there is no reason to fear.


If your pet gets anxious in the car because they are only used to driving to the pet clinic, try taking them for short car rides somewhere they’re guaranteed to love. …Read More

How to find a new home for your pet

The decision to find a new home for a pet is never an easy one, but sometimes circumstances make it impossible to take care of your animal. There are lots of reasons people have to make the heartbreaking decision to give a pet up. Financial hardship, major health struggles, animal behavior issues, and other lifestyle or compatibility problems can all tempt people to consider other living arrangements for their pet.


LazyPaw Animal Hospitals believes in helping every animal find an ideal home. Before making a big decision, we urge pet owners to consider all the options. Depending on your situation, your …Read More

Look No Further Than The Whippet

The first thing that many people assume when they see a Whippet for the first time is that they are looking at a miniature Greyhound. In fact, they are looking at a unique breed of dog with the Greyhound as one of its ancestors. Large Greyhounds were crossed with the much smaller Italian Greyhound to create the Whippet. The Italian Greyhound can trace its roots back to ancient Egyptian times and so can the Greyhound, making the Whippet a modern breed modeled after an ancient dog.

The Whippet, as the name implies, is incredibly fast. They are long legged and very …Read More

Protect your pet from animal thieves

Pet owners are aware of common dangers for their animal friends such as accidental poisoning, getting lost, and everyday scrapes. However, most pet lovers don’t think about potential kidnapping by pet thieves, especially in LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ home community of lovely Frisco.


There’s no need to hide Fluffy away under lock and key for fear of thievery, but pet owners should be aware of possible dangers and take basic precautions to keep cats and dogs safe from those who might wish to profit from stealing animals.


Why would anyone steal an animal?

Pure breed pets are the most common victims of animal theft. …Read More

DIY pet toys

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is all about toys lately, and though we’ve pointed out some amazing (and amazingly expensive) possible additions to your pet’s collection, we wanted to share the secrets of some of our favorite homemade toys that ring in at a total cost ranging between zero and just a few dollars. Bonus: They don’t take much time to make, and you probably already have everything you need around the house.


Remember, always supervise your pets during play and check the condition of toys regularly for potential choking hazards.


Give your pal Scrappy a scrappy toy.

Everyone has an old t-shirt that’s begging …Read More

Try these DIY pet toys instead

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals love toys! Er, I mean, we love giving toys to our favorite animal patient friends. There are plenty of expensive pet toys on the market, but just as the child who opens a new zillion-dollar gadget will often play with the box instead, most pets are glad to play with anything that’s interesting regardless of how much you spent.


Keeping Fido and Fluffy up to their ears in entertainment doesn’t have to cost a lot. Just use common sense and always keep an eye on animals when playing. As with any toy, check the condition of homemade toys …Read More

Gifts for the world’s most pampered pets

We’ve hunted down some interesting toys and gear for the world’s most adventurous pets as well as those suffering from a streak of total boredom. But today LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is profiling the holy grail of pet product categories—the chicest, and sometimes most ridiculous, toys and more for pets who know how to redefine what it means to be spoiled.


Bling doesn’t begin to cover it.

Dog and cat lovers with cash to burn can spring for the real diamond deal when it comes to showing off Fido and Fluffy’s style. If your credit limit is sky high, you too can spend …Read More

Gifts for the world’s most (and least) adventurous pets

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is on an imaginary shopping spree for our favorite cats and canines, and though these high-tech, high-fashion, and high-octane toys may be out of a reasonable price range, they are still fun (and funny) to marvel at.


Umbrellas designed just for small pets.

Frisco vet patients may not see quite enough rain to justify the purchase of their very own umbrella, but if your small pooch is truly pampered, “The Dogbrella” is an inverted umbrella on a stable pole that forms a moisture barrier between your low-riding dog and wet weather. The clear umbrella canopy gives walkers full view …Read More

Gifts for under-stimulated pets

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals loves entertaining our pet patients, especially because watching them have fun is so entertaining to us! There is no one toy that will interest every animal, but this list of handpicked oddball toys is devoted to our furry friends who may be suffering from a spell of ennui. From puzzling to downright bubbling, even the most un-impressible pet could be doggone delighted by these wacky playtime ideas.


A tether that actually encourages movement?

Tethers that keep dogs roped to one place are old news. The Tether Tug is a combination of tether pole and tug toy that keeps dogs …Read More

Are hawks hunting small dogs?

There are lots of rumors circling the Internet about hawks honing in on small dogs for tasty prey. Since LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is in the heart of Frisco, Texas, we are used to seeing plenty of hawks gliding through the sunny skies. But are they really dangerous to our pets?



Of the 9300 species of birds in the world, Texas is home to 600, including predatory hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles. These flying hunters make their homes in trees, cliffs, chimneys, and other natural and manmade nooks.


Despite online horror stories of little dogs being snapped up by vicious birds, majestic birds …Read More

The Gentle Giant Of The Dog World

It may surprise you to learn that the Great Dane is not really a Danish breed. Dogs very similar to the modern Great Dane can be found on money from Greece dated at 36 B.C. as well as from Egyptian artifacts that date back to 3000 B.C. Very early Chinese literature dating back to 1100 B.C. describes a dog that is almost identical to the Great Dane.

It is believed that the modern Great Dane evolved over time through breeding Mastiffs from Italy with Wolfhounds and Old English Mastiffs. The Greyhound breed was used to further refine the heavy Mastiff type …Read More

The English Bulldog As A Pet

There are many different types of “bulldogs” but the English Bulldog is the one that most people picture when they hear the breed mentioned. This heavy set, muscular and very stocky dog is typically associated with a slow moving and slow acting animal, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The English Bulldog is one breed where males and females should look distinctly masculine or feminine through the head and body. Males, for show purposes, measure about 16 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 50-55 pounds. The head and body are thick and wide with the dog’s body appearing …Read More

Animal World Tour: Canadian Lynx

If you’ve ever dreamed of a gargantu-sized housecat, you have probably been dreaming of the Canadian lynx. And if you’re as desperate to see one of these 20-inch tall, 20-pound wild cats, as LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is on our virtual world tour, you’re likely to keep dreaming—the Canada lynx avoids human contact and is tough to spot.


In Canada, lynxes have long tufts of black hair that spring from the tips of their ears, a short tail with a black end, and tall, thin legs. They have sly, light eyes and large, rounded paws.


They’re hunters of the showshoe hare, surviving on …Read More

Animal World Tour: Canadian Beaver

Moving on through Canada, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is on a hunt for beavers! No need to fear, though—we are only armed with binoculars.


Unfortunately for today’s beaver ancestors, early European explorers favored guns more than spyglasses. When European explorers in the late 1600s didn’t find the spices they hoped for when they were turned around and diverted from traveling to the Orient, they decided to settle on exporting beaver fur instead. Beavers were thick on the ground then, with populations in the millions. English and French fur traders began selling beaver fur hats, which quickly became popular across Europe.



Though beavers appeared …Read More

Animal World Tour: Canadian Atlantic Puffin

Traveling north into Canada, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is getting the first Passport stamp on our virtual ecological world tour. Granted, the first animal on our Bingo card is all the way on the east coast, but when a world tour is free to dream about, you can bounce around as much as you want without paying airline change fees or suffering jetlag. So, to the Atlantic Ocean we go!


Atlantic puffins are one of four puffin species, but they’re the only one that resides on the North Atlantic Ocean. The small sea birds are only about 10 inches long.

Puffins’ small shape, …Read More

Is An Australian Cattle Dog Right For Me?

The Australian Cattle Dog is a new name for an older breed. You may have known these dogs as Australian Heelers, Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers or Hall’s Heelers depending on where you are living. They are a unique dog with a very well defined personality and a determination that is legendary in the herding breeds.

Not surprisingly these dogs were bred in Australian to be able to stand up to the unique terrain and weather conditions. Originally a cross between many different breeds they have ancestors that include Smithfield Collies, a now extinct breed, as well as …Read More

The Akita: A Dog Of Royalty

It is hard to imagine a dog that is as important to their native country as the majestic Akita Inu. In the United States there is another Akita, designated as the American Akita, which is slightly different than the Japanese breed, although they are developed from the same original lines.

The National Dog of Japan, the Akita Inu was developed in the Akita region of the country, actually on the island of Honshu. These dogs were originally bred as a fighting and hunting dog as well as a military dog and overall family protector. They can also be used as a …Read More

Animal World Tour: Spinner Dolphins

Rounding out the LazyPaw Animal Hospitals dream tour of Hawaii, we’re putting a ridiculously cute spin on the ecological fantasy trip with… Spinner dolphins!


The islands are so teeming with life that you can book a tour to visit with wild dolphins, or you could kayak to a few special spots and spot them all on your own. Dolphins are famous for hanging out at Big Island’s Captain Cook Monument, aka Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, which is teeming with both history and marine life. The crystalline waters are dotted with brilliant coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, and of course—spinner …Read More

Animal World Tour: Hawaiian Monk Seals

No matter what the weather is like at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals in Frisco, sometimes our minds naturally wander to dream vacations in tropical climates. That’s why we’re taking off on a new blog series to tour around the world and explore some incredible animal species. Today, we know readers will squeal for seals!


Seals are usually happiest in freezing waters (think Boston). However, Hawaiian monk seals are true beachcombers, making their home in the tropical waters of the remote northwestern Hawaiian islands. These tiny islands are the smaller of Hawaiian’s arched dots of land in the middle of the ocean, and …Read More

Help your pet with separation anxiety

It’s date night, and you’re getting ready to go. As you put on a dress shirt, your dog Buster starts to whine. When you put on your best shoes, he tries hiding under the couch. As you close and lock the front door, you can hear him barking and howling. You feel terrible because he clearly hates it when you’re gone, but what are you supposed to do—stay home forever?


When you come home relaxed after a great meal, you find a hole chewed in the couch, urine on the carpet, and poop in your second best shoes. Buster clearly had …Read More

Animal World Tour: Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Being a veterinarian is fantastic, but sometimes, you just want to see the world. We’d love to plan a global tour to see exotic animals across the planet, but my wife and fellow veterinarian, Dr. Julaine Hunter, and I are so busy with our wonderful patients here at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals that it’s hard to say when we’ll get a chance. Instead, I thought it would be fun to virtually explore amazing animals all over the world—plus, share our dream itinerary with you!


Our first stop… Hawaii!


Hawaii has long been praised for its stunning weather, spectacular scenery, and vibrant wildlife. The …Read More

How to stop a cat fight

People who have lived with more than one cat know it’s normal for them to play-fight from time to time, as evidenced in this “pattycake” video where two dubbed patty-cats have collected more than 20 million views on YouTube. Cats naturally want to be on top of the food chain, so whenever more than one cat is in company, fights are bound to break out. The question is, how do you stop a hissing, yowling, claws-out cat tiff without getting hurt?


The staff of LazyPaw Animal Hospitals has broken up our share of cat altercations, and these top tips have helped …Read More

The Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is not a new breed of dog; rather it is a renaming of one of the most popular of the terriers. Prior to the change in 2003 the Parson Russell Terrier, at least in the United States, was known as the Jack Russell Terrier. With the name change the longer legged breed, the Parson Russell Terrier, had official recognition. There is still a Jack Russell Terrier as well, but it is the terrier with the short legs that was used to hunt vermin in their burrows and dens.

The longer legged, spunky, funny and outgoing Parson Russell …Read More

Can I adopt a feral cat?

A wonderful cat lover with several star patients at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals recently asked a great question about feral cats. Namely, could she try to adopt one?


To answer, it’s important to define what a feral cat is. Feral cats are born and raised in the wild, or perhaps have been lost or abandoned and become more wild to survive. Some “free” feral cats can handle a small dose of human contact, but most are too fearful to be handled. They often live in groups (aka colonies) near places they can reliably find food, such as garbage dumps or alleys with …Read More

The Cat’s Meow

We all love our cats – their friendly greeting when you arrive home at the end of the day, their sweet meow during feeding time, kneading and massaging your face in the middle of the night…oh, is that just me? But do you know what to do if your cat’s meow ever changes or gets lost?


A cat’s meow comes from their voicebox, or larynx (prounounced lair-inx). It’s a small structure that sits in the very back of their mouth and opens to their trachea, or windpipe. If you gently run your hand along the underside of your cat’s neck, you …Read More

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