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Independence Day, 2017

In observance of Independence Day, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals will be closed Tuesday, July 4th, 2017. If an emergency or urgent problem occurs while we are closed, contact North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic (NTEP) or Frisco Emergency Pet Care (FEPC).

North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic can be reached by calling 972-323-1310. Their address is 1712 West Frankford Rd Suite 108 Carrollton, Texas 75007.

Frisco Emergency Pet Care can be reached by calling 469-287-6767. Their address is 10150 Legacy Drive #500 Frisco, Texas 75033

We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, July 5th.

My dog Daisy wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day!

Melanie and Shelby’s Continuing Education at A&M’s Vet Tech Conference

This past weekend, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’s Melanie Lopez, CVA and Shelby Aton, CVA attended Texas A&M’s 23rd Annual Vet Tech Conference. Throughout Saturday and Sunday, they participated in several continuing education lectures and labs to achieve a more extensive knowledge of recent advancements in veterinary medicine.

The 23rd Annual Vet Tech Conference lectures covered several areas of equine and small animal treatment including: lab work techniques, anesthesia, oncology, canine distemper, equine lameness, hemodialysis, different types of emergencies, critical care, hospice care, dental care, and modern therapies. Subjects also included ways to strengthen the clinic team and client communications. This varied schedule …Read More

Frisco Animal Services and Tomorrow’s Local Election

The impact of Frisco’s rapid growth on citizens and public safety departments remains at the forefront of many conversations regarding tomorrow’s local election. Candidates for mayor Bob Allen and Jeff Cheney have expressed their intentions to effectively handle this rapid growth and support public safety departments. Bob Allen has stated “Public safety must remain our number one priority”. Jeff Cheney maintains a focus on “quality over quantity” in response to growth and has also expressed public safety to be his “Priority #1”.

Fully supporting public safety should include supporting Frisco’s Animal Services division, a division of the Frisco Police Department. In …Read More

Shelby Passed Her CVA Level II

Shelby Passed!! She is now a Certified Veterinary Assistant Level II

At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals we take every opportunity to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Birthdays, anniversaries, new baby arrivals or academic achievements are all fair game.  We are pleased to announce that our very own Shelby Aton is now a Level II Certified Veterinary Assistant!!!  In our hospital a veterinary assistant is an extension of the veterinary medical team and responsible for assisting both doctors and technicians with patient care and diagnostic procedures.

What is the CVA?:

There are three levels of veterinary assistant certifications in Texas. Each requires the completion of a range of skills …Read More

Girl Scout Animal Helper Badge

As part of our ongoing commitment to service to our local community, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals was thrilled to host members of Girl Scout Troop 36 and assist them in attaining their Girl Scout Animal Helper Badge.  The purpose of this badge is to aid scouts in learning about the numerous ways in which animals assist their human companions and how to aid animals in furtherance of their beneficial work. The badge requires Girl Scouts to explore past and present connections between animals and human beings in how they aid in keeping people safe, in helping individuals with physical and emotional disabilities, …Read More

Fowler Middle School 2016 Career Day

The Fowler Falcons honored our clinic by inviting me and KatyDid back for our sixth annual career day visit this past November!  A fantastic, Frisco Independent School District Middle School, Fowler’s career counselors like presenters to get down to the nitty gritty of their jobs by sharing as much detail about them as possible and by honestly sharing with students how we earned the positions we currently hold. The students also appreciate learning what skills and interests help us to do our jobs better, and more importantly, what we do typically in a day, what our responsibilities are and how …Read More

Wester Middle School 2016 Career Day

This year KatyDid and I had to good fortune to be invited back to Frisco Independent School District’s Wester Middle School for the 6th year in a row to participate in their annual career day program.   Wester’s career day goals are to encourage students to begin thinking about their futures beyond school from local professionals who can be for them positive role models in various occupations.  In addition, often this brief introduction to a vocation can provide students with a positive connection between what to some may feel like mundane school routines and expectations for what they can do later …Read More

Paws and Give Thanks 2016

For the past three years the student members of USITT, United States Institute of Theatre Technology, have worked hard to support local animal care facilities.  Mr. Shurr, faculty member and Director of the Theater Department of Reedy High School is spear-heading their efforts again this year.


Collin County Animal Services will be the recipient of USITT’s annual Paws And Give Thanks collection of non-monetary donations.  Kroger has been kind enough to permit use of their facility, and we at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals are happy to support their efforts and store these items until transport to Collin County Animal Services. Most shelters do not have it …Read More

2016 Santa Pet Picts

This year’s third annual pet picts with Santa was a rousing success. Not only were numerous, generous donations collected from our clients for the benefit of Frisco Family Services’ Food Pantry, but we hosted over 77 families in a little under three hours! What does this tell us?!! Well, at our after event review we concluded  that next year’s event will need to be even bigger and better.

Though our LVT Carey’s and Lead Client Coordinator Becca’s innovative and dazzling Winter Wonderland creation was well received, it quickly became apparent that Santa still held center stage and was in the highest demand. …Read More

Pet Pictures with Santa 2016

Join us at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals for our 6th Annual Pet Pictures with Santa this Saturday, December 3rd!

We will take photos from 2:00-5:00.

We will also provide a Winter Wonderland scene option for anyone who might be shy around the Big Guy. All LazyPaw patients, their families, and the general public are welcome!

In addition to holiday photos, we will also collect donations of non-perishable and canned goods for Frisco Family Services.

Dog Adoption “How To’s”


In honor of October being “Adopt-A-Dog Month” I thought it appropriate to discuss a few ways you can ease your new buddy’s transition from shelter or foster to your home.

First, think back to your scouting days, or your friends’ if you weren’t one, and “Be Prepared.” You are preparing to bring home a new baby, no matter her age, into your home. Dog ownership, as with any pet, should NEVER be a split second decision. Make plan on how you are going to best take care of your new dog before he ever steps across the threshold. Where will he …Read More

LazyPaw Featured at Texas Home for Sale

LazyPaw Veterinarians Julaine Hunter and Brent Bilhartz were recently featured at Texas Homes for Sale. Please visit the interview here: Get the Expertise and Compassion Your Pet Deserves at LazyPaw Animal Hospital

ManeGait Therapeutic Riding Lessons Encourage People with Disabilites

At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals, we love supporting fellow animal lovers in the community. That’s why we’re proud to support ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship in McKinney

ManeGait is a special place where children and adults with disabilities experience the healing power of horses and have fun while moving beyond their boundaries. Clients include people with physical, cognitive, developmental, sensory, and learning disabilities.

The nonprofit horsemanship center is located on a beautiful 14-acre farm in Collin County where those with disabilities find an immediate sense of belonging.

Run by founders Bill and Priscilla Darling, ManeGait is a warm, welcoming community where compassionate certified therapeutic riding instructors …Read More

No Adoption Fees on “Empty the Shelter” Day Aug. 16

North Texas animal shelters are overcrowded, but during the summer, spring births and people who give up animals before they go on vacation make this time of year busiest.

More than 100 dogs and cats arrive at Dallas animal services every day. As the number of animals grows, as many as 50-60 pets are euthanized daily.

According to NBC 5, only about half of the animals brought to Dallas Animal Services make it out alive. This is actually an improved number over past years.

The good news is there is something you can do to save a lifeLazyPaw Animal Hospitals is promoting NBC …Read More

Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship Provides Classes and Hippotherapy to Dallas

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals loves serving critters of all shapes and sizes, and that includes more animal friends than just our favorite dogs and cats! We also care for birds, lizards, farm animals, and horses. That’s why today we’re excited to talk about one of our favorite local partners, Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship.

The program works with about 500 riders every year and specializes in both children and adults with all ranges of physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges and disabilities. Riders see substantial progress in posture, balance, muscle control, anxiety management, and self confidence.

Founded in 1981, Equest created the first therapeutic riding program …Read More

Lazy Paw Keep’s Up With Technology

In today’s fast-paced digital world, our team here at Lazy Paw does a great job of keeping up with the latest communication platforms! We enjoy interacting with our clients on our Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter pages, and want to continue the trend of making it easy for our pet parent’s to stay in communication with our staff.

Lazy Paw wants to save our clients time by offering the option to send in digital questions via photo and video. We have set the goal to respond to these questions within the day.

For example, you think your cat might be sick and has …Read More

Independent Study and Mentorship Program

 Frisco ISD is hosting a business symposium for the Independent Study and Mentorship Program students on Friday, October 11, 2013 from 8:30 AM until noon at the FISD Administration Building and Career and Technical Education Center, 5515 Ohio Drive and 9889 Wade Boulevard. 

Business professionals including LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ very owner Practice Manager, Kinsey Eliot, will be volunteering their time to conduct mock interviews, evaluate student resumes and assisting in improving networking skills. 

Volunteers are still needed! Please contact Frisco ISD Gifted and Talented Coordinator Julie Martin at or 469-633-6839 by Friday, September 27, 2013 if …Read More

How to Brush Your Dog or Cats Teeth

How to Brush Your Dog or Cat’s Teeth

Brushing Fido and Fifi’s teeth is vital to their health, but that doesn’t mean Fido or Fifi will be on board with the hygienic habit. Some pets are naturally more easygoing when it comes to grooming, but if your dog or cat gets frisky or frazzled when the toothbrush appears, these grooming tips learned through years of working at our Frisco pet clinic, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals, might help you maintain proper dental care for your pets.

Start the habit early.

The earlier you introduce your pet to the habit of tooth brushing, the easier it …Read More

What are the signs your dog is aging?

Remember when you were a kid, if someone challenged you based on your age, you could just say, “Well, I’m 35 in dog years!” Dogs have shorter life spans than people, so they will mature and age more quickly. But pet life spans have a huge range; most dogs live about 12 years, but some can live much longer. With such a wide potential life span, how can you tell when your pet is aging and needs additional TLC?

What’s a “senior” dog?

A pup’s golden years start between 7 and ten years old. Larger breeds often become seniors earlier than small …Read More

More Potty Training Tips: How to Crate Train

If you have a puppy, your life is probably revolving around potty training. Helping Fido get with the program isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. These basic tips will get you started and teach your dog to potty appropriately, but crate training will take training one step further.

Crates are not “puppy prison.

Some people assume crates are cruel, but that’s only the case if you leave your animal in them too long. Your dog’s crate is just like your kid’s room. It’s their place to have a little solitude or quiet time in a space that’s all …Read More

All the things you need for your new puppy

Adding a new furry friend to your family is a huge cause for celebration! If you’re trying to find ways to fend off excited fidgets while you wait for your new fur child to come live with you, we suggest a little retail therapy. Dogs don’t need much, but what they do need is important for making them comfortable and happy in your new home.

Toys, toys, toys!

Your dog doesn’t need a ton of toys, just a few old reliables they can always play with and chew on. Choose sturdy toys made for hard wear, and consider a mix of …Read More

Doggy Arthritis Symptoms and Next Steps

Arthritis, or painful inflammation and stiffness in joints, is common in pets and one of the most frequent issues we see in older dogs who visit us at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. Though arthritis is irreversible, early detection and prevention can help your dog feel better longer.

Know the signs.

Limping or favoring a leg is an outer sign of inner joint pain, especially if the limp seems worse when your dog first gets up and gradually eases as your pet moves around. If your pup starts showing difficulty doing things that were once a breeze such as getting in the car, bounding …Read More

Canine Lake Safety and Activities

As the dog days of summer roll to a close, now is the time to step outside and enjoy the last of our long, hot summer. Bounding off to the lake is a great way to spend a day or weekend with your dog. At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals in Frisco, Texas, we take our pups to the lake whenever we get the chance!

Go beyond a swim.

Boating and splashing around the lake are obvious choices for fun, but you can also take the excitement a step further by playing water games. These splashy activities are fun to play with your pup, …Read More

Tips for potty training your new puppy

Ah, potty training! It’s a pastime that has been known to drive many a calm, collected toddler’s parent to the brink of their sanity, and the process can be no less frustrating sometimes with dogs. Puppies are delightfully cute and funny, but when they pee on your carpet yet again, their stock can plummet. Follow these tips to keep Fido on track for training and save your floors from heavy cleaning.

1. It’s all about positive enforcement.

Dogs want to please, but they often have a hard time understanding what we want from them. When you take your pet outside and they …Read More

How to Adopt a Rescue Dog

Lots of animals in the world are desperately in need of loving homes. The good news is, if you are interesting in becoming a pet parent, you can help them!

Many people are hesitant to consider rescue pets, but the reality is that most rescue animals are amazing, wonderful, loving creatures who only became rescues because of overpopulation or living with a previous owner who wasn’t prepared to care for them. Before you head to a breeder, check out rescue pets—they are wonderful companions and you’ll be helping a furry friend in need.

Start a partnership with the right rescue organization.

Sometimes people …Read More

Allergy Friendly Dog & Cat Breeds

You may be an avid animal lover, but have never been able to adopt a pet of your own because of allergies. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, at least 15 percent of Americans with allergies have trouble being around pets; moreover, allergic adults are more likely to have children with the same issues.

Pet allergies are most often set off by protein in animal skin cells, saliva, or urine. Signs of allergy can be sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, red skin, or itching.

If you are bothered by allergies, your doctor may be able to recommend some over the …Read More

Relocation: How to Move With Cats

Dealing with relocation: How to move with cats

Moving is always stressful, but making sure your pets are comfortable and safe during your move can be a challenge all its own. Some dogs may know how to roll with the punches, but most cats are hesitant to embrace change. Even though your kitty may not love the thought of a move, there are several ways you can make the transition as easy as possible.

Gradually introduce your cat to the idea of moving.

Leave your cat’s carrier out with the door open and put inviting toys, bedding, and treats inside to pique their …Read More

Dealing with Dog Anxiety

Dealing with Pet Anxiety
By Julaine Hunter, DVM

Pet anxiety is one of the most common behavioral complaints brought to us at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. Pets experience anxiety just like people, except sometimes the cause can be harder to figure out. If not properly managed, pet anxiety can cause long term emotional and physical problems for both pets and their owners, so it’s important to get to the bottom of your pet’s nervousness to help them feel at ease.

Know the symptoms.

Anxiety doesn’t always manifest itself in obvious ways.  Constantly barking, obsessively tail chasing, compulsively chewing, displaying signs of aggression toward people or …Read More

How to pick the perfect dog

How to pick the perfect dog for you
Brent Bilhartz, DVM

The decision to get a new dog is exciting. Adopting a pet means you are adding another member to your family, which is a huge commitment. Pets require a lot of love, attention, care, and even financial investment, and they’ll be your companion for many years to come. Since every dog is different, choosing the right breed to suit your lifestyle and personality is a vital step to ensuring you have a happy long term relationship with your new canine. Here are some factors to consider when figuring out which breed …Read More

How to tell if your dog is overweight

How to tell if your dog is overweight
By Dr. Brent Bilhartz

A big percentage of the American population is overweight, but did you know that includes dogs? Leading causes of weight gain in dogs are, in most cases, similar to the main cause of obesity in people: too many high calorie foods without enough exercise.

There’s a quick way to tell if your pooch has, well, a pooch. Have your pet stand still and look at them from above. There should be a curved indentation in the waist area just behind the rib cage. Look at your dog from the side. There …Read More

Suburban wildlife is NOT out to get you

If you live around Dallas, you probably saw the recent news story about bobcats prowling through Plano. Then again, if you live around Dallas, you’ve probably seen a bobcat with your own two eyes! The big kitties are roaming through a network of underground pipes, and though happening upon on one can be startling, we at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals want to broadcast the word that despite their wild appearance, bobcats are perfectly safe. These feral felines aren’t out to harm you, your kids, or your pets- They want rabbits.

It can be surprising to stumble upon a bobcat, but …Read More

Rabies Awareness: For School Kids and Their Families

 With the Recent Rabies cases in The Colony a quick note on Rabies.

Rabies Awareness: Information and Instructions for School Kids and Their Families

What is rabies?

• A sickness affecting the brain of mammals – animals with hair.

• Rabies makes wild animals act strangely: no fear of people, have trouble walking or flying

• Wild mammals with rabies can give this illness to other mammals (people included!) through a bite or a scratch that breaks the skin. It can also be transmitted if saliva from the rabid animal gets into the eyes, nose, mouth or open cuts of another mammal.

• Rabies is almost always …Read More

Happy-Go-Lucky Dachshund

German for “badger dog,” the Dachshund was originally bred to flush out badgers from burrows or hunt smaller prey like rabbits. As one of the top 10 breeds in the U.S., they are the only breed to hunt both above and below ground.

There are three different types of coat types found in the Dachshund breed. These include the shorthaired, the wirehaired and the longhaired. There are also three different sizes from the small miniature through the toy and up to the standard. “Tweenies” are an in-between size of a standard and a miniature. The toy Dachshund measures up to 12 …Read More

Boston Terriers Are Personality Plus Dogs

For a smaller sized dog that is very low maintenance but has an outstanding personality look no further than the Boston Terrier. This iconic black and white, short haired dog has been a favorite housedog for years, and with very good reason. They are excellent in any type of living situation and highly adaptable to active or quieter families and owners. Because they are so respected, they were named the state dog of Massachusetts!

The Boston Terrier, which is sometimes affectionately known as the Boston Bull, will weigh in at less than 25 pounds when full grown and will be about …Read More

Fun water activities with your dog

Fun water activities with your dog 

By Dr. Brent Bilhartz

With Frisco temperatures climbing into the 90s, now is a great time for a dip with your dog. Whether it’s in the pool, lake, a fountain, or the ocean, water activities are a wonderful way to chill out and cool down with your pup.

Before you make plans to play in the water, check local rules to make sure dogs are allowed. Also ask yourself whether your dog is comfortable with the water and a strong swimmer. If you’re not sure how well your pet handles water, purchase a water safety harness …Read More

Regal Golden Retriever

It is not an accident that you see Golden Retrievers on so many television shows and in the movies. They are a highly intelligent, beautiful, and elegant breed with a calm temperament. They make wonderful pets, assistance dogs, and working dogs for many different types of search and rescue groups. Fun fact: Golden Retrievers are said to be the best breed for service animals!

The Golden Retriever is unmistakable in its physical appearance. They have a dense, double, wavy to straight outer coat and a thick, silky undercoat. There is significant fringing on the backs of the front legs, the hindquarters …Read More

Cool down with your dog with this summer

Cool down with your dog with this summer

Julaine Hunter, DVM
LazyPaw Animal Hospitals

Warmer summer months are a great time to chill with your four legged friend outside. But when warm weather turns hot, you should take extra precautions to keep your pup cool. 

Dogs pant instead of sweat, but when weather is hot and humid, sometimes panting isn’t enough. It’s important to know when your pup is too hot and take measures to keep them as cool as possible when the temperature cranks up.

Know the signs of heat stroke.

If your dog drools excessively, has …Read More

Heat stroke In Dogs

Heat stroke

Julaine Hunter, DVM

Diplomate ABVP (Equine Practice)

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals

Hyperthermia is the scientific name for elevated body temperature.  In dogs, elevations of rectal temperatures above 103°F are considered to be abnormal and hyperthermic.  In the absence of illness, body temperatures in excess for 106°F are commonly attributable to exposure to excessive external environmental temperatures.  Multiple organ failure and often death occur when the body temperatures reach 109°F.  

Unlike us, dogs lack the ability to sweat efficiently, relying instead upon panting to exchange heat.  Vigorous exercise during hot days or over-exertion in relatively low humidity and temperature situations can result in …Read More

Fourth of July Firecracker Anxiety

 Fourth of July – Firecracker Anxiety

The Fourth of July is a fantastically fun holiday crammed with celebration, food, friends, and of course—fireworks. Though fireworks can be the highlight of the season for adults and kids, for pets they can be confusing, nerve-racking, and even terrifying. This holiday season don’t ignore your pet’s anxiety about fireworks. Instead, help them feel comforted so they can enjoy the show along with you.

Dog behavior expert Cesar Millan recommends taking a long walk with your pet before the celebrations begin, and we agree. A key safety consideration for July 4 in Texas is the …Read More

LazyPaw Supports the NTXMA

2nd Annual 4th of July 10-Mile Hump Honors Veterans

Tomorrow North Texas veterans and their families and supporters will be walking 10 miles to honor those who have served in US military organizations. This year Drs. Hunter and Bilhartz will be participating together with their little family.  The march will kick off at 7:30 am at Mourning Dove Park at 11219 Round Mountain Drive in Frisco.  There will be family entertainment provided by Bounce for Fun and GameTruck HQ, and refreshment provided by My Fit Foods.  

A brief history: Last summer, former US Marine Sergeant Cliff Sosamon took the friendly …Read More

The Beagle: A Gentle Family Pet

It is hard to think of a breed of dog that is better known and recognized than the Beagle. This hound type dog has a much different personality than many of the hounds and its smaller size makes it a great match for an indoor companion pet. The Beagle is a true companion pet and one that is friendly, gentle and a create match for families with children of any age. Did you know that both Snoopy and Garfield’s pal, Odie, are Beagles?

The Beagle is a great match in a family with other dogs and cats but it is important …Read More

Pick the Right Boarding Facility for Your Dog

 How to Pick the Right Boarding Facility for Your Dog

By Dr. Brent Bilhartz

Leaving your furry friend behind when you have to travel can cause a lot of anxiety, and not just for Fido or Fifi. It’s scary to trust the care of your fuzzy family member to someone else, which is why we’ve outlined some tips on how to choose the right boarding facility.

The best way to start your search is through recommendations. Read online reviews and poll co-workers, groomers, dog and cat owning neighbors and trainers about what they’ve heard and what their experiences have been. …Read More

Summer Travel Tips for Pets

Summer Travel Tips for Pets

By Brent Bilhartz

As we turn the corner on the summer solstice, lots of us are planning a vacation that might include Fido or Fifi. Before you hit the road with your furry friend, consider these tips to help your trip be as fun and safe as possible.

The best thing you can do to ensure everyone enjoys a smooth trip is research before you go.  Websites such as and list resources for finding pet friendly hotels, parks, day care, vets, and airline guidelines. Once you have selected a hotel, always contact them directly to ensure …Read More

Prosperity Place Fun Run


LazyPaw participated in the Prosperity Place Fun Run as a top-level sponsor on Saturday, May 18. The annual run benefits Prosperity Place, a center for children with special needs that offers therapeutic and financial services to these children and their families.  This safe haven revolves around the idea that a family is a child’s greatest advocate. They work to educate families on how to find the necessary resources available for their child and how to fully utilize these resources so that their child can reach their full and unique potential.



Photo courtesy of Prosperity Place

Read More

Frisco Sunrise Rotary Paddy Dash

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals participated in and donated to the Frisco Sunrise Rotary Paddy Dash 5K on March 9, a run that benefitted the North Texas Military Association (NTXMA). The NTXMA is a group of military veterans and their friends and family dedicated to ensuring veterans get the recognition they deserve and help they need. NTXMA works hard to mentor veterans, supporting veteran success in higher education and donating funds to veterans in need. LazyPaw was honored to have the privilege of running and walking the dash with NTXMA members. You can find photos from the event on the …Read More

NTXMA Memorial Day Visit to DFW National Cemeter


The LazyPaw staff spent their Memorial Day at the DFW National Cemetery placing flags on the gravestones in remembrance of the many fallen veterans. More than 1,300 volunteers joined them, including three new groups to the Memorial Day tradition. Volunteers adorned the gravesites, adding a patriotic touch to each and every gravestone that resulted in the cemetery grounds being covered in red, white, and blue.



Photo courtesy of Fox News DFW


LazyPaw Animal Hospitals came out and supported the event with about 70 North Texas Military Association (NTXMA) volunteers. The NTXMA is a …Read More

Hope Park Build Week

LazyPaw’s very own Dr. Julaine Hunter put down her stethoscope and picked up a hammer to participate in helping the Hope Park Build Week from April 5th to April 14th in Frisco, Texas. Hope Park Build Week is a construction event working to build a park to accommodate students with special needs, helping with sensory issues, speech, and developmental and physical delays. Hope Park works to bring these children together and help them to build up their self-confidence while making friends and playing together. 

Hope Park Final Rendering-photo credit Robyn Olschewsky

Hunter strongly believes that all children …Read More

Kennel Cough Vaccines Are Annual

Bordetella bronchiseptica is a ubiquitous bacterial organism which causes respiratory disease and is most commonly seen in canine patients; however, strains do affect other mammalian species. Spread or transmission is typically through direct contact to respiratory secretions thus the greatest risk of exposure occurs in situations where dogs are in close proximity to one another: boarding facilities, grooming salons, play cares, dog parks and competitive events.

So how do dogs contract the causative agent in the first place?

Well there’s always a source. The problem is that the infected individual may not be recognizable as it takes a …Read More

Shetland Sheepdogs Great Family Pets

Shetland Sheepdogs As Family Pets

For those that love the look of the Collie but don’t want a large sized dog, a Shetland Sheepdog may be the perfect compromise. This smaller sized look alike to the Rough Coated Collie is intelligent, loyal, and can be easily trained. These dogs are great with kids, enjoy being outdoors with the family, and tend to get along well with other pets.

Developed in the Shetland Islands, Shelties are related to both the Collie and the Border Collie. They have longer, fine boned legs and a well-developed, but not heavy, body. Their coat is long, dense …Read More

Cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cute And Cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed that was developed in a competition between dog breeders in the early 1900s. A wealthy man, Rosewell Elderidge, wanted to recreate a breed that was similar to the small spaniels pictured in paintings of the royal court at the time of King Charles ll. What was, at that time, considered the King Charles Spaniel had been bred with the Pug to create a shorter nosed small sized spaniel. Mr. Elderidge wanted to recreate the original breed with the longer, more typical spaniel face.

The result is …Read More

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