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Just What Is A Puggle?

The Puggle is one of the new “designer” dog breeds, also known as hybrids or crossbreeds, that is not just an accident but one of calculated breeding. The Puggle is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle, typically with the Pug being the male in the cross for whelping considerations. The next cross can include either the Puggle bred back to a Pug, or back to a Beagle, or crossed with another Puggle.

Like all hybrids, the Puggle can have a stronger resemblance to one parent over the other. However, in general the Puggle tends to have a bit …Read More

Frisco Young Entrepreneur Academy

Dr. Brent Bilhartz, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals veterinarian and local, small business owner, attended this year’s Frisco Young Entrepreneur Academy’s (YEA) investor meeting tonight. Presentations were made to a panel of local investors in the event sponsored by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Frisco Economic Development Corporation and the City of Frisco’s Independent School District, a culmination of 9 long months of hard work.


The YEA program is revolutionary one which was showcased on Fox 4 News on Sunday, January 20, 2013.


Over a 9 month period the YEA program guides young professionals grade 6th through 12th through a business formulation process. …Read More

Frisco Montessori Academy

Julaine Hunter, DVM

Elfie goes to school!

Today Dr. Hunter accompanied Elfie, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ official Canine Ambassador, to Frisco’s premier Montessori school, Frisco Montessori Academy. With Dr. Hunter’s assistance, Elfie demonstrated the mechanics of dog teeth brushing, the basics of dog grooming , including nail trimming and coat brushing, as well as the importance of regular check-ups. Visual aides were employed to illustrate how important it is for dogs and cats to have access to only appropriately sized toys and that even the most fun toys often require supervised use including but not limited to rope toys, balls and those …Read More

Citizens Police Academy Julaine Hunter

2/28/13 Citizen’s Police Academy, week 2

Today we continued to expand our understanding of the responsibilities and tasks of another level of the Frisco Police Department’s Organizational Chart. We met with experts in various upper echelons of administration who are responsible for overseeing an effective and productive police force through all levels of the rank and file. We received a summary explanation of a few of the department’s general orders, essentially police officers’ rules to live by and standard operating procedures and directives which ensure the fair, safe and profession execution of officers’ numerous duties.

A topic of recent local discussion has …Read More

Understanding The Brittany Spaniel

Although not as common as some breeds the Brittany, formerly known as the Brittany Spaniel, has a long and distinctive place as a faithful companion pet, hunting dog and family friend. These beautiful dogs are smaller than many hunting breeds and their outstanding personalities make them a wonderful pet for a wide variety of families and living conditions.

Considered a medium-sized dog the Brittany weighs in at 30 to 40 pounds and about 17-21 inches at the shoulders. Males are a bit taller and heavier than females, which is typical in most breeds. The breed has a longer, feathered looking coat …Read More

Julaine Hunter at Frisco Citizens Police Academy

By Julaine Hunter, DVM                                                                                           

26 February 2013 

     This past Thursday evening I joined several other Frisco residents at the Frisco Police Department for the first class of this year’s Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA). The stated goal of the program is to “improve the relationship and rapport between the Frisco Police and the citizens of Frisco.” 

     Our introductory lecture was illuminating. We were afforded the opportunity to share with the group our motivations for taking the class. We were treated to a thorough overview of the Frisco Police Department’s organization as well as a brief summary of all of its subcategories …Read More

Frisco Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is very active in the Frisco community and we enjoy networking with other businesses right here in Frisco. Our practice manager Kinsey Eliot joined the Frisco Chamber February 20, 2013 to honor two of our local businesses and wants to give them a shout out.

The first ribbon cutting ceremony was for a new restaurant in town that dishes out barbecue with flair, and uses only the freshest ingredients. Three Stacks Smoke & Tap House has just opened their doors this week, and caters to the professionals and the families of Frisco, TX. They have a quick, cafeteria style lunch …Read More

The Loyal Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been the most registered breed with the American Kennel Club for the last decade. Their popularity is no accident. The Lab is kind, gentle, intelligent and playful yet also a great watchdog and an excellent companion. These large dogs, despite their size, can adjust to a variety of living situations and do equally well in a house, an apartment or out in the country.

Labs have a thick, short to medium length, smooth, double coat that is slightly oily to the touch and very dense. They can be a variety of colors including chocolate, yellow and black …Read More

Pug’s a Popular Breed in Frisco

The Playful Pug

Pugs are a always a favorite breed because of their outstanding personalities, their easy going manner and their gentle temperament. The Pug was the 26th most registered breed with the American Kennel Club in 2011, a true testament to how popular they are. Their small size, short easy care coat and their unforgettable wrinkled faces make these a distinctive breed the world over.

If you want a dog that seems to have a sense of humor, adjusts well to whatever is going on and loves to be with the family then a Pug should certainly be on your list. …Read More

Raccoons and Distemper Virus, Companion Animal Risks

Raccoons and Distemper Virus, Companion Animal Risks

J. Hunter, DVM, 3 February 2013

Many clients have expressed concern with regards to recent, local reports of raccoon distemper cases. Closely related to the human measles virus, the viral agent, CDV or canine distemper virus.  CDV is typically contracted by animals in an immune susceptible state. In dogs, this means that puppies aged 3 to 6 months are at greatest risk for infection AND have the highest rate of mortality. Unvaccinated adult dogs are also at great risk to contracting this disease. History has shown us that the disease can spread like wildfire, especially under …Read More

Puppy Classes and Puppy Exam’s

On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Dr. Hunter assisted What A Great Dog owner and instructor, Maureen Patin, during back to back puppy socialization sessions.

Designed to encourage exposure to other young dogs in a structured, safe environment while under the direct supervision of a WAGD trainer, classes incorporate the teachings of celebrated behaviorist, Dr. Ian Dunbar, a strong advocate of puppy owners introducing early young dogs to experiences and situations they are likely to encounter later on in life.

Dr. Hunter performed abbreviated physical exams affording puppies practice at being handled by a stranger. A nose to tail examination in a relaxing environment …Read More

Boxer Dogs a Popular Breed in Frisco Texas

The High Energy Boxer

Boxers are very popular here in Frisco, Texas and are consistently one of the top five breeds in our practice. The Boxer is a great companion dog and an excellent pet with active children. The Boxer, as a medium sized dog, is a high energy breed especially as a puppy and they need to be in an active household. They also need to live with people that are going to spend a lot of time interacting with their dog. Naturally bonding with the family, a Boxer is the ultimate in a loyal, intelligent and playful pet that just …Read More

Bichon Frise: A Great Family Dog

For those dog lovers that want a small sized dog that is sturdy, loving and a true companion pet then the Bichon Frise is a perfect match. These dogs, which are athletic, intelligent, and also love to cuddle, are one of the small breeds that are definitely kid friendly.

The Bichon Frise, as a breed, has existed since the early part of the 13th century and can be seen in many of the painting of the French royal court from this time period. They are a cross between two other French breeds of dogs, the Barbet Water Spaniel and the Poodle. …Read More

Julaine Hunter at Stafford Middle School

Dr. Hunter will be returning to Stafford Middle School for the Spartans’ annual career day event on Friday, January 18th. Joining her to augment her presentation about careers in veterinary medicine will be Katydid, a kid-loving and keen, canine assistant. Katy serves to provide a 3-D perspective of how small animal veterinarians do what they do and logistically why tests are performed in a specific manner through demonstrations of the standard “nose to tail to toes” examination. With Katy’s willing aid, Dr. Hunter’s power point presentation images are brought to life thereby enhancing students’ comprehension of day to day and unusual case …Read More

Yorkie Terriers

One of the most popular of the small breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier, more affectionately known as the Yorkie, is a big dog in a tiny body. As any true terrier the Yorkie, even though rather sophisticated and elegant in appearance, is a great dog for active households where the family wants a dog that is more than just a lap warmer, but don’t misunderstand, when the day settles down he’ll find a lap to snooze on. Originally bred in England to catch rats and mice, they are a highly adaptable pet that are chock full of personality and charm.

Overall Appearance

The …Read More

Dr Hunter at Leadership Symposium

This week Dr. Hunter will be joining many Frisco residents in attending the annual TEEX (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service) 2013 Leadership Development Symposium.

This symposium is designed for fire and EMS service staff, command members and citizens desirous of developing their management and leadership skills, improving their knowledge of methods to protect the public safety, budgeting and much, much more. Though sessions are geared specifically to meeting the continuing education requirements of Texas fire officer and EMS personnel, all service providers committed to enhancing public safety would benefit from this intensive lecture series.

The message for this year’s symposium is …Read More

Dr Bilhartz on Texas Living TV Show

Debuting in his first television interview, Dr. Brent Bilhartz will be visiting with Hilary Kennedy and Kimberly Schlegel Whitman on our newest local hit morning show: Texas Living.


The show is scheduled to air live on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 between 12PM and 1PM, CST. 


Dr. Bilhartz will be discussing fun methods for curbing the pet obesity trend as well as offering a few tips on how to get your companions in shape for the New Year.


Career Day at Goddard School in Frisco

Yesterday, Katydid and I had the honor of sharing our respective jobs: doggie doctor assistant/demo-dog extraordinaire and doggy/kitty doctor with the children of the The Goddard School in Frisco.  

After introductions, ours and theirs, we discussed basic dog and cat care. The Goddard students were very thorough in their list of necessary pet items: brush, bowls, water, food, toothbrush, bathtub and bed! The littlest participants got a kick out of seeing Katy have her teeth brushed, and the most reticent were won over by Katy’s subdued appreciation of proffered dental treats, retrieving them ever so gently and daintily. The more brave …Read More

Frisco Enterprise Profiles LazyPaw

               The Frisco Enterprise published a nice profile of LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. Anthony Tosie told our business history and a nice story from the early years of Dr. Hunter and Bilhartz’s marriage. The focus of the article was our innovative Online Pharmacy and Internet Services.

                Please Follow the link to our local paper The Frisco Enterprise and read LazyPaw’s Profile. 


Ear Infections In Dogs

Preventing Ear Infections

If you have a dog that has floppy or hound-like ears then you need to be aware of the risk of ear infections. Any breed of dog can get an ear infection but when the ears hang down and don’t allow air circulation into the ear it creates the perfect condition for infections to get started. Combine this with a dog that loves to go in the water and you have a moist, warm and safe environment for all types of bacteria and yeast infections to get started and thrive. Infections can also be caused by allergies, …Read More

Scabies and Demodex Mange In Dogs

The Two Types of Mange Found In Dogs

As if our patients here in Texas don’t have enough to worry about with all the fleas, ticks and varieties of allergens present in the state there is also the risk of the dog developing mange. There are two types of mange that owners need to be aware of and they are sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange.

Demodectic mange is caused by the Demodex mite. When too many of the Demodex mites gather on the dog’s skin they attack the hair follicles and create skin lesions and overburdening of the dog’s immune system. …Read More

Foreign Bodies in Dog Stomach

Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies
Dr. J. Hunter, 2012-12-29

Ever wake feeling nauseated and having absolutely zero interest in eating or drinking? If you have, and a plausible reason isn’t forthcoming, you’ll likely have taken it easy for a day or two before seeking a physician’s advice. Toddlers showing similar clinical signs would result in a guaranteed trip to the nearest pediatrician’s or e-clinic doctor’s office.

Just like little kids, young cats and dogs have a penchant for exploring their environment with their mouths. Dogs and cats ages one to four, unlike human toddlers, typically receive decreased supervision as they become more trustworthy. Continued vigilance and “child-proofing” is …Read More

Tammy Garcia at Hunt Middle School Today

Friday, December 21, 2012



Tammy Garcia, one of LazyPaw’s Veterinary Technicians, is excited to participate in the Hunt Huskies’ 3rd annual career day event today, Friday, December 21, 2012.


The program will start with words from Ms. Renee Ehmke, President of Frisco’s Independent School Board, the slated keynote speaker this year.


Tammy Garcia and her 4-legged assistant, Kitty (who is a 120# Mastiff), will then have the opportunity to share with students a day in the life of a small animal veterinarian.
Kitty facilitates the “hands-on” learning portion of the program, permitting students to examine her from nose to …Read More

The Less Than Simple Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection or UTI is one of the more common health issues in dogs and cats, particularly in adulthood but it can happen at any age. Typically owners will notice that their pet has some blood in the urine combined with increasing frequency of urination that tends to leave a strong odor. In many instances this becomes a problem since the dog urinates in the home even though they are fully housetrained, or the cat urinates outside of the litterbox and on the new bathroom rug.  Other symptoms can include dribbling and lack of bladder control, cloudy …Read More

LazyPaw at The Frisco Chamber of Commerce

For Immediate Release:                   

Thursday, December 13, 2012


LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ Practice Manager, Ms. Kinsey Eliot, will be debuting our new, competitively price online pharmacy and answering questions from 5PM until 8PM during the WEB Holiday Bazaar and Business After Hours event being held at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce located at 6843 Main Street in Frisco.

In addition to demonstrating the features of our online pharmacy, she will be sharing our new website features and discussing the myriad of veterinary services LazyPaw Animal Hospitals can provide you and your family.

Please stop by to meet the newest addition to the LazyPaw Family, Elfie, …Read More

Veterinary HouseCalls for Frisco Pets

December 13, 2012




Did you know LazyPaw Animal Hospitals offers house calls and has done so for LazyPaw patients and clients since our opening in 2006?

Tailored to the needs of Frisco residents who have multiple pets, mobility issues or to relieve travel anxiety in pets who simply hate the car ride to the doctor’s office, house call appointments include well pet examinations, minimally invasive preventative care vaccinations, microchip implantation, and when needed, dignified, facilitation of end of life intervention in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home among his or her family.

Because the needs of sick …Read More

MicroChips in Dogs and Cats

Is your dog a 4-legged Spartan

able to scale 8 foot obstacles unassisted? Can your cat escape with an inch of door or window clearance? If  your pet is a four legged Houdini, read on about important information that could someday prove life-saving.

First, and this may seem overly simple, but the purpose of having a collar on your pet at all times is to ensure your pet gets home safely should she or he get lost So what should go on a collar to ensure this occurs?

Phone numbers

(cell, home, work, veterinarian’s office) to ensure that no matter when or where my buddy’s found, …Read More

Common Problems That Cause Diarrhea In Dogs

Diarrhea is one of the most frequently seen digestive problems in dogs that results in a trip to the vet. This is actually a good thing since there are so many different diseases that have diarrhea as a symptom. Some are potentially life threatening like Parvo, distemper, digestive diseases, intestinal obstructions and poisoning and some are just upset stomach problems.

Typically diarrhea is dividing into three different categories. Acute diarrhea appears very quickly while chronic diarrhea may last for weeks or longer. Since diarrhea is typically linked to dehydration and possible nutritional issues it is important to have your dog checked …Read More

Pictures With Santa Report

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals hosted Santa today during its second annual, free, holiday pet picture event. Santa was smooched by many a pooch. Kittens were cuddled, and kids were befuddled (by his early arrival). The best part: no one peed on Santa!


Is My Dog Going Blind?

The Reality of PRA

A diagnosis of PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy is one of the worse notifications that any vet has to give to a dog owner. This condition of the eye is inherited and, unlike some genetic conditions, it is not specific to one or more breeds. Mixed breed dogs are diagnosed with the condition as well as purebreds. In addition some dogs can have no symptoms but be carriers of the genetic combination that creates the disease.

The condition impacts the retina of the eye which is responsible for controlling the amount of light that is used to form …Read More

Cuterebra Fly Season In Frisco Texas

Something’s living inside… my dog!!!
By Julaine Hunter, DVM

There are few more instantly gratifying problems in veterinary medicine to treat than a cuterebriasis case. Unlike abscesses that are fun to drain, a process which can be dramatic if not downright explosive, and which often make a big impression on both clients and experienced staff members, with cuterebra cases, there typically is no ongoing at home wound care required. No ecollar (Elizabethan collar, A.K.A., “cone of shame”) is typically warranted. The daily annoyance, at best, of administering oral antibiotic medications is most often unnecessary.

A cuterebra case is the instant gratification veterinarian’s dream.  They are the …Read More

Treating Canine Eye Infections

There are several breeds of dogs that are more prone to eye infections than others. Typically dogs that have a longer hair around the eyes, protruding eyes or are prone to rolling of the upper or lower lids, known as entropion, are also at higher risk. Interestingly the short muzzled breeds, the brachycephalic dogs like Pugs, Boxers, Pekingese and Bulldogs are also prone to eye problems and infections.

Generally the first signs of an eye infection in any type of dog will be tearing from the inside corner of the eye. This can be mild to very significant. Typically this tearing …Read More

Pet Pictures with Santa

                Santa is coming to LazyPaw Animal Hospitals


Our free, Holiday Pet Picture event is scheduled from 2PM until 5PM on Wednesday, December 5, 2012.


Well behaved dogs and cats are invited to participate in LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ annual event. Choose from our seasonally themed props or sit with our very own celebrity Santa!!! (Two-legged family members are encouraged to participate.) This event is open to all LazyPaw patients, their families and the general public.

Pre-scheduled sitting appointments are recommended but not required.

To preschedule, or if you have questions, please call us at 972-712-1300.


Participants will be asked to provide an …Read More

Hip Dysplasia Is Manageable

The options for treating a dog with hip dysplasia are much more effective than those used even a few years ago. There are several breeds that are much more prone to hip dysplasia than others but generally the large to giant breeds are at greatest risk. It is considered to be caused by a combination of factors including genetic problems with hip laxity, incorrect diet, trauma, obesity and over exertion of the dog while in the rapid growth stage of development.

Hip dysplasia is caused by a malformation of the hip joint combined with poor support of the joint by the …Read More

Career Day at Fowler Middle School

It’s that time of year again!!! The temperatures are FINALLY falling, football season is well under way and career day season has begun in earnest.

This past Tuesday I spent an amazing day at Fowler Middle School. As always, both faculty and students were more than welcoming to Katydid; they were even nice to me! (Just kidding!!!)  Fowler is one of my favorite stops; what a great place to start!!!

Ms. Williams expertly manages to field all participants’ requests and somehow manages to check in several times on each of us throughout the day. She is a treasure, and Fowler is lucky to have such …Read More

Luxating Patella A Major Cause Of Lameness In Small Breeds

Luxating patella is sometimes referred to as a loose knee, but this is really not an accurate description of the condition. It is most frequently found in small, toy and miniature dogs but it is known to occur in any size breed. Virtually all small and toy breeds can have the condition which is considered to be genetic in nature and the dog is therefore born predisposed to the condition.

patella is caused by a malformation of the knee. The kneecap is kept in place by two bony grooves that extend down the front of the femur, which is the thigh …Read More

Is Your Dog Allergic To Texas?

Anyone that lives in Texas is aware that there is always something blooming, growing or producing pollen. Dogs, just like people, can be allergic to any of these seasonal and environmental hazards and, also like people, the reactions can be mild and short, to severe and much longer in duration. Unfortunately in this state there is no off season for allergies and your dog can experience allergies in all four seasons although they are most common in the growing seasons of spring, summer and fall.

Unlike people, seasonal allergies in dogs are not typically associated with runny eyes and a stuffy …Read More

Dr. Hunter Graduates from Citizen Fire Academy

November 7, 2012



This Thursday, November 8, 2012 marks the graduation date for Class Number 30 of the Frisco Fire Department’s Citizen’s Fire Academy (CFA). LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ very own Dr. Hunter is a proud member of this graduating class.

The CFA is designed to provide the City of Frisco’s community with information regarding the organization and operation of the Frisco Fire Department, this extensive 9 week course also included hands on vehicle demolition to simulate extrication of an accident victim and the opportunity to gear up in full fire fighter protective gear to experience first-hand life as a fire-fighter …Read More

Dr. Hunter – Completes First Responder Training at TAMU


       Dr. Julaine Hunter, DVM, of LazyPaw Animal Hospitals located at 7380 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034, recently attended the Conference on Integrating Veterinary Medicine and First Response: Large Animal Responders, held at the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, September 14-16, 2012. 

       Dr. Hunter participated in classroom sessions dealing with principles of safety when tending down, injured, trapped or loose horses, cattle, and wildlife. Techniques and equipment for capture and restraint of wounded animals were reviewed and demonstrated. Communications protocols, equine and wildlife behavior, as well as animal restraint and movement were discussed and …Read More

Routine Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats

Keep Those Pearly Whites With Routine Dental Cleaning

There are several products on the market from chew toys to mouth sprays that are promoted to clean your dog’s teeth. While these things will help to keep the plaque off your dog’s teeth between cleanings, they cannot remove the tartar that has already hardened and bonded to your pet’s teeth. Nor can they provide the proper and detailed cleaning of the gums that a veterinarian can. That is because to really clean a dog’s teeth the pet will need to be fully anesthetized so we can get into all the cracks and crevices …Read More

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