Dog Breeds

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

With its full sized body and its short little legs, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an easy breed to recognize. Originally bred for herding sheep these stocky, solid and athletic dogs are incredible fast and determined pets.

There are actually two different breeds of Corgis, the Pembroke and the Cardigan. Interestingly enough the two are very similar in appearance with one distinctive feature. The Pembroke is a breed that can be born without a tail while the Cardigan has a relatively long tail.

Besides being minus a tail the Corgi is a low to the ground dog that has a wide, flat …Read More

A Hairless Breed: The Chinese Crested

Originally brought into the United States as a sort of a novelty breed, the Chinese Crested has really come into its own as a wonderful companion pet and unique breed of dog. There are actually two forms of the Chinese Crested, one with a silky, coat, known as the Powder Puff, and one that is hairless over the body. Most litters will have both hairless and Powder Puff puppies born at the same time. Both make excellent pets although there are some definite differences in the care required for the hairless variety.

The first misconception to clear up is that the …Read More

The Lovable Lhasa Apso

Another of the toy sized long haired companion dogs, the Lhasa Apso has become a very popular companion dog all over the world. Sometimes mistaken for a Shih Tzu, these dogs are really very distinctive in both appearance and personality.

When the coat of the Lhasa Apso is left long, it is really amazing and beautiful when properly cared for and groomed daily. For ease of care many owners choose to clip the coat short, which gives a more sporty and puppyish look to the dog. However, no matter how the coat is clipped the beautiful hair on the tail curling …Read More

The Bouvier des Flandres

Besides just having a very unusual name, the Bouvier des Flandres is really a very unusual breed of dog. More commonly known by the shortened moniker of the Bouvier, this breed originated in what are now the countries of  France and Belgium.

Unlike some breeds, the exact ancestors of the modern Bouvier des Flandres are a subject of hot debate with dog breeders. There is no doubt, however, the origins of the dog was as a herding and working dog, not as a dog for the show ring. As such there were no real efforts to create a unique breed, but …Read More

Look No Further Than The Whippet

The first thing that many people assume when they see a Whippet for the first time is that they are looking at a miniature Greyhound. In fact, they are looking at a unique breed of dog with the Greyhound as one of its ancestors. Large Greyhounds were crossed with the much smaller Italian Greyhound to create the Whippet. The Italian Greyhound can trace its roots back to ancient Egyptian times and so can the Greyhound, making the Whippet a modern breed modeled after an ancient dog.

The Whippet, as the name implies, is incredibly fast. They are long legged and very …Read More

The Gentle Giant Of The Dog World

It may surprise you to learn that the Great Dane is not really a Danish breed. Dogs very similar to the modern Great Dane can be found on money from Greece dated at 36 B.C. as well as from Egyptian artifacts that date back to 3000 B.C. Very early Chinese literature dating back to 1100 B.C. describes a dog that is almost identical to the Great Dane.

It is believed that the modern Great Dane evolved over time through breeding Mastiffs from Italy with Wolfhounds and Old English Mastiffs. The Greyhound breed was used to further refine the heavy Mastiff type …Read More

The English Bulldog As A Pet

There are many different types of “bulldogs” but the English Bulldog is the one that most people picture when they hear the breed mentioned. This heavy set, muscular and very stocky dog is typically associated with a slow moving and slow acting animal, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The English Bulldog is one breed where males and females should look distinctly masculine or feminine through the head and body. Males, for show purposes, measure about 16 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 50-55 pounds. The head and body are thick and wide with the dog’s body appearing …Read More

Is An Australian Cattle Dog Right For Me?

The Australian Cattle Dog is a new name for an older breed. You may have known these dogs as Australian Heelers, Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers or Hall’s Heelers depending on where you are living. They are a unique dog with a very well defined personality and a determination that is legendary in the herding breeds.

Not surprisingly these dogs were bred in Australian to be able to stand up to the unique terrain and weather conditions. Originally a cross between many different breeds they have ancestors that include Smithfield Collies, a now extinct breed, as well as …Read More

The Akita: A Dog Of Royalty

It is hard to imagine a dog that is as important to their native country as the majestic Akita Inu. In the United States there is another Akita, designated as the American Akita, which is slightly different than the Japanese breed, although they are developed from the same original lines.

The National Dog of Japan, the Akita Inu was developed in the Akita region of the country, actually on the island of Honshu. These dogs were originally bred as a fighting and hunting dog as well as a military dog and overall family protector. They can also be used as a …Read More

The Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is not a new breed of dog; rather it is a renaming of one of the most popular of the terriers. Prior to the change in 2003 the Parson Russell Terrier, at least in the United States, was known as the Jack Russell Terrier. With the name change the longer legged breed, the Parson Russell Terrier, had official recognition. There is still a Jack Russell Terrier as well, but it is the terrier with the short legs that was used to hunt vermin in their burrows and dens.

The longer legged, spunky, funny and outgoing Parson Russell …Read More

Rottweilers: A Breed With Lots To Offer

Unfortunately for the Rottweiler breed their rapid rise to popularity led to some issues with disreputable breeders trying to cash in on the demand for puppies. Breeding of poorly selected dogs by uniformed breeders triggered reports of increased aggression in the breed as a whole, which is simply not true. As a breed the Rottweiler, also known as the Rottie, is a calm, loyal and very even tempered dog that is a natural protector but not naturally aggressive.

The breed originated from early Italian Mastiffs that accompanied the Roman legions as they moved through what is now modern Europe. The dogs …Read More

The Amazing Border Collie

Border Collies are some of the most intelligent dogs in the world and their capacity to learn new tricks and figure out problems is the stuff of legends. These medium sized herding dogs are also excellent as agility dogs, Flydogs, Frisbee dogs and competitive obedience dogs.

With all the intelligence is also a very active breed of dog that does not do well in small, confined spaces. They can adjust to apartment life provided they have at least two 40 minute intensive exercise periods per day and have lots of toys and things to play with when they are left alone. …Read More

The Ancient Chow Chow Breed

The Chow Chow, more commonly known as the Chow, is a breed that really peaked in popularity in the mid to late 1980s. Since then the breed has been fairly consistent in registration numbers and continues to be a popular dog in many parts of the United States and the rest of the world.

The Chow is one of the Asian breeds of dogs, originally bred and developed in China, and probably dates back as far as 206 B.C. and perhaps even before. The ancestors of the Chow are not known, but it may very well be related to the Chinese …Read More

The Perky Pekingese; a Foo Dog

As one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world, the Pekingese can trace its history back to Peking, China, which is now known as Beijing. These little dogs were believed to have the ability to ward off and drive away evil spirits and were called Foo Dogs because of these abilities. The only people that were allowed to have Pekingese were royalty since they were seen as being of divine nature. The penalty for stealing or owning a Pekingese if you weren’t of the royal class was death.

The Chinese so valued these dogs that people on the street …Read More

The Loyal, Lovable Basset Hound

There are few people that can look at a Basset Hound without finding themselves smiling. This is an outgoing, friendly and incredibly patient dog that is great with kids and people of all ages. Bassets are highly social with other dogs, animals and household pets and rarely, when trained and socialized, become aggressive.

The Basset Hound is a good watchdog and their distinctive baying bark is easy to identify. While they don’t bark without cause they are incredible loud and may be difficult to have in a city or area where neighbors are not dog friendly. Their friendly nature makes them …Read More

Shih Tzu: Wonderful Dog- Watch your Spelling!

The Shih Tzu is a very ancient breed of dog that originated in Peking sometime in the early part of the 17th century. It is likely a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese and, if you look closely, the breed traits of both of these small dogs are definitely present. The Shih Tzu is an elegant and happy little dog that loves to be around people and is not delicate or fragile by any stretch of the imagination.

The beautiful long coat of the breed takes a lot of care and routine grooming to keep in top shape. The …Read More

Maltese: An Exotic Breed Of Companion Dog

The Maltese is a refined, elegant and distinguished small breed of dog that is perfect for a wide range of different households and living situations. They are a great apartment dog for an older owner while they also do very well in an active household with children.

The Maltese, as a breed, was first developed in Italy, specifically in Malta, and is believed to be a cross between Toy and Miniature Poodles and some breed of miniature spaniel. The dogs were so treasured by their owners that they were considered to be a part of the family at a time when …Read More

The Little Dog With A Huge Personality

Weighing in at less than six pounds and measuring less than nine inches at the shoulder the Chihuahua may be pint sized physically but they have the personality of a giant. Classed as a toy dog by the American Kennel Club these dogs are athletic, agile and very intelligent, willing to be affectionate with their owners but also be good watchdogs to let you know when strangers are around.

Unfortunately for the Chihuahua many owners baby these small dogs and create difficult behaviors for others to tolerate. A well socialized and obedience trained Chihuahua is friendly, well behaved and fun to …Read More

The Joy of a German Shepherd



The Joy Of A German Shepherd

The popularity of the German Shepherd is international with these iconic police and military dogs, also making a place for themselves as outstanding companion pets. Their training ability, calm demeanor and loyal personality have made them one of the most registered breeds around the world. While most German Shepherds are not used for protection or as watchdogs they have those natural talents that make them trainable for different tasks as a working dog such as Cali, our Frisco PD K-9.

A large breed that weighs in at up to 85 plus pounds and measures …Read More

The Wacky Weimaraner


The Wonderful, Wacky Weimaraner

For an active person with a zest for life, the Weimaraner is a match made in heaven. This is a large breed natural hunting dog but they are also a wonderful companion pet that is full of boundless energy and enthusiasm.

The Weimaraner, sometimes known as the Grey Ghost, was developed in Germany as a combination of a big game hunting dog and a pointer. They can be trained to be bird dogs, water retrievers, and some will naturally track. They are an active, energetic dog with an incredible amount of stamina and a strong desire to do …Read More

The Silky Terrier

 Breed Profile Of The Silky Terrier

While the Silky Terrier may not be the most common dog breed in the United States, they are a wonderful small terrier that deserves a second look. This breed, developed over 200 years ago by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with an Australian Terrier, tends to favor the Yorkie in color but the Australian Terrier in more robust build.

Unlike many of the terriers the Silky was not primarily a hunting or vermin dog; it was specifically bred to be a housedog. The breed has moderately high energy levels and needs to have a couple of brisk …Read More

English Mastiff or Massive? :)


The Misunderstood Mastiff

Unfortunately for the massive Mastiff, their sheer physical size often sends the wrong message. In technical terms the word “Mastiff” actually refers to a group of dogs and not one particular breed. When most people use the term Mastiff the breed they are actually talking about is the English Mastiff.

The English Mastiff is a very easily identifiable breed. They are solid, massive and muscular with a large, wide head, smaller V-shaped folded ears and a mask or darker hair over the muzzle and eye area. The coat is short and thick and uniform length over the body. …Read More

The American Cocker Spaniel



The American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel has been a family favorite pet for many generations. This mid-sized spaniel can be bred as a show dog or as a field line, as these dogs are outstanding hunters. Generally, the appearance of both types of American Cocker Spaniels is very similar although the field line is slightly smaller and more compact and tends to have a shorter coat. Both are ideal companion pets with abilities to adjust to the lifestyle of their owners.

The Cocker Spaniel will measure about 15 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 15 and 30 pounds, with …Read More

The Not-So Miniature Schnauzer

The Not-So Miniature Schnauzer

One of the first things that you will notice when you meet a Miniature Schnauzer is that this pint-sized dog has no idea that he or she is actually a little dog. The Miniature Schnauzer’s personality is anything but small and the true nature of the breed makes for a fun, active and very smart pet.

There are actually three different sizes of Schnauzers:  the Giant, the Standard and the Miniature. All have the same natural abilities as excellent trackers, hunters, agility dogs and high-level competitors in obedience work. The size difference is really the big issue, with …Read More

Great Pyrenees: The Gentle Giant

The huge, white, gentle dog known as the Great Pyrenees is a wonderful companion pet. These dogs are a great match for many different living conditions although they do need space and outdoor time to be truly happy. Relatively inactive indoors, they can do fine in apartments and homes in the city provided they have a yard to run in, daily time at the dog park, and at least two long, brisk walks per day.

The Great Pyrenees is a flock guardian, which means they are naturally very protective and excellent watchdogs. They typically bark only to alert you that strangers …Read More

Want A Barkless Dog; Consider The Basenji

Do You Want A Barkless Dog: Have You Considered The Basenji?

The Basenji is a very unique dog in many different ways. First, this is a dog that really does not bark; although that doesn’t mean that the Basenji is a soundless breed. In fact, this dog makes a variety of noises from an almost yodeling sound to a very unique melodic type of growling noise. Many Basenjis will “talk” or “barroo”
to their owner due to their irregularly shaped larynx.

One of the most ancient breeds, dogs resembling the Basenji can be seen in the hieroglyphics of Egyptian pharos. However, the …Read More

Allergy Friendly Dog & Cat Breeds

You may be an avid animal lover, but have never been able to adopt a pet of your own because of allergies. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, at least 15 percent of Americans with allergies have trouble being around pets; moreover, allergic adults are more likely to have children with the same issues.

Pet allergies are most often set off by protein in animal skin cells, saliva, or urine. Signs of allergy can be sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, red skin, or itching.

If you are bothered by allergies, your doctor may be able to recommend some over the …Read More

Happy-Go-Lucky Dachshund

German for “badger dog,” the Dachshund was originally bred to flush out badgers from burrows or hunt smaller prey like rabbits. As one of the top 10 breeds in the U.S., they are the only breed to hunt both above and below ground.

There are three different types of coat types found in the Dachshund breed. These include the shorthaired, the wirehaired and the longhaired. There are also three different sizes from the small miniature through the toy and up to the standard. “Tweenies” are an in-between size of a standard and a miniature. The toy Dachshund measures up to 12 …Read More

Boston Terriers Are Personality Plus Dogs

For a smaller sized dog that is very low maintenance but has an outstanding personality look no further than the Boston Terrier. This iconic black and white, short haired dog has been a favorite housedog for years, and with very good reason. They are excellent in any type of living situation and highly adaptable to active or quieter families and owners. Because they are so respected, they were named the state dog of Massachusetts!

The Boston Terrier, which is sometimes affectionately known as the Boston Bull, will weigh in at less than 25 pounds when full grown and will be about …Read More

Regal Golden Retriever

It is not an accident that you see Golden Retrievers on so many television shows and in the movies. They are a highly intelligent, beautiful, and elegant breed with a calm temperament. They make wonderful pets, assistance dogs, and working dogs for many different types of search and rescue groups. Fun fact: Golden Retrievers are said to be the best breed for service animals!

The Golden Retriever is unmistakable in its physical appearance. They have a dense, double, wavy to straight outer coat and a thick, silky undercoat. There is significant fringing on the backs of the front legs, the hindquarters …Read More

The Beagle: A Gentle Family Pet

It is hard to think of a breed of dog that is better known and recognized than the Beagle. This hound type dog has a much different personality than many of the hounds and its smaller size makes it a great match for an indoor companion pet. The Beagle is a true companion pet and one that is friendly, gentle and a create match for families with children of any age. Did you know that both Snoopy and Garfield’s pal, Odie, are Beagles?

The Beagle is a great match in a family with other dogs and cats but it is important …Read More

Shetland Sheepdogs Great Family Pets

Shetland Sheepdogs As Family Pets

For those that love the look of the Collie but don’t want a large sized dog, a Shetland Sheepdog may be the perfect compromise. This smaller sized look alike to the Rough Coated Collie is intelligent, loyal, and can be easily trained. These dogs are great with kids, enjoy being outdoors with the family, and tend to get along well with other pets.

Developed in the Shetland Islands, Shelties are related to both the Collie and the Border Collie. They have longer, fine boned legs and a well-developed, but not heavy, body. Their coat is long, dense …Read More

Cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cute And Cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed that was developed in a competition between dog breeders in the early 1900s. A wealthy man, Rosewell Elderidge, wanted to recreate a breed that was similar to the small spaniels pictured in paintings of the royal court at the time of King Charles ll. What was, at that time, considered the King Charles Spaniel had been bred with the Pug to create a shorter nosed small sized spaniel. Mr. Elderidge wanted to recreate the original breed with the longer, more typical spaniel face.

The result is …Read More

Just What Is A Puggle?

The Puggle is one of the new “designer” dog breeds, also known as hybrids or crossbreeds, that is not just an accident but one of calculated breeding. The Puggle is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle, typically with the Pug being the male in the cross for whelping considerations. The next cross can include either the Puggle bred back to a Pug, or back to a Beagle, or crossed with another Puggle.

Like all hybrids, the Puggle can have a stronger resemblance to one parent over the other. However, in general the Puggle tends to have a bit …Read More

Understanding The Brittany Spaniel

Although not as common as some breeds the Brittany, formerly known as the Brittany Spaniel, has a long and distinctive place as a faithful companion pet, hunting dog and family friend. These beautiful dogs are smaller than many hunting breeds and their outstanding personalities make them a wonderful pet for a wide variety of families and living conditions.

Considered a medium-sized dog the Brittany weighs in at 30 to 40 pounds and about 17-21 inches at the shoulders. Males are a bit taller and heavier than females, which is typical in most breeds. The breed has a longer, feathered looking coat …Read More

The Loyal Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been the most registered breed with the American Kennel Club for the last decade. Their popularity is no accident. The Lab is kind, gentle, intelligent and playful yet also a great watchdog and an excellent companion. These large dogs, despite their size, can adjust to a variety of living situations and do equally well in a house, an apartment or out in the country.

Labs have a thick, short to medium length, smooth, double coat that is slightly oily to the touch and very dense. They can be a variety of colors including chocolate, yellow and black …Read More

Pug’s a Popular Breed in Frisco

The Playful Pug

Pugs are a always a favorite breed because of their outstanding personalities, their easy going manner and their gentle temperament. The Pug was the 26th most registered breed with the American Kennel Club in 2011, a true testament to how popular they are. Their small size, short easy care coat and their unforgettable wrinkled faces make these a distinctive breed the world over.

If you want a dog that seems to have a sense of humor, adjusts well to whatever is going on and loves to be with the family then a Pug should certainly be on your list. …Read More

Boxer Dogs a Popular Breed in Frisco Texas

The High Energy Boxer

Boxers are very popular here in Frisco, Texas and are consistently one of the top five breeds in our practice. The Boxer is a great companion dog and an excellent pet with active children. The Boxer, as a medium sized dog, is a high energy breed especially as a puppy and they need to be in an active household. They also need to live with people that are going to spend a lot of time interacting with their dog. Naturally bonding with the family, a Boxer is the ultimate in a loyal, intelligent and playful pet that just …Read More

Bichon Frise: A Great Family Dog

For those dog lovers that want a small sized dog that is sturdy, loving and a true companion pet then the Bichon Frise is a perfect match. These dogs, which are athletic, intelligent, and also love to cuddle, are one of the small breeds that are definitely kid friendly.

The Bichon Frise, as a breed, has existed since the early part of the 13th century and can be seen in many of the painting of the French royal court from this time period. They are a cross between two other French breeds of dogs, the Barbet Water Spaniel and the Poodle. …Read More

Yorkie Terriers

One of the most popular of the small breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier, more affectionately known as the Yorkie, is a big dog in a tiny body. As any true terrier the Yorkie, even though rather sophisticated and elegant in appearance, is a great dog for active households where the family wants a dog that is more than just a lap warmer, but don’t misunderstand, when the day settles down he’ll find a lap to snooze on. Originally bred in England to catch rats and mice, they are a highly adaptable pet that are chock full of personality and charm.

Overall Appearance

The …Read More

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