Fun Animal Facts by LazyPaw

Dog Sprayed by Skunk

Texas is a great place for your dog to be sprayed buy a skunk, being the biggest state in the Union, it only makes sense that we would have five distinct skunk species, way more than any other state! Given this fact, if you or your pets are prone to stray from the beaten path, or if you are lucky enough to reside in or near greenbelt areas, it is more than likely that at some point you will run into a skunk.  Skunks are active primarily in the night hours and can adapt well to urban areas like the …Read More

Do animals have a sense of humor?

Do animals have a sense of humor?

Scientists trying to develop a better antidepressant pharmaceutical have made an accidental discovery—that animals have a funny bone. In the course of researching a pill to make life a little sunnier for people feeling blue, researchers found out that rats really do laugh when tickled, and that this outward expression correlates with inner feelings of happiness.


Multiple studies have shown that animals including monkeys, dogs, and other animals laugh as well. Neural paths for laughter are deep in the brain in both humans and animals, which many accept as proof that laughing was integral …Read More

Gifts for the world’s most (and least) adventurous pets

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is on an imaginary shopping spree for our favorite cats and canines, and though these high-tech, high-fashion, and high-octane toys may be out of a reasonable price range, they are still fun (and funny) to marvel at.


Umbrellas designed just for small pets.

Frisco vet patients may not see quite enough rain to justify the purchase of their very own umbrella, but if your small pooch is truly pampered, “The Dogbrella” is an inverted umbrella on a stable pole that forms a moisture barrier between your low-riding dog and wet weather. The clear umbrella canopy gives walkers full view …Read More

Are hawks hunting small dogs?

There are lots of rumors circling the Internet about hawks honing in on small dogs for tasty prey. Since LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is in the heart of Frisco, Texas, we are used to seeing plenty of hawks gliding through the sunny skies. But are they really dangerous to our pets?



Of the 9300 species of birds in the world, Texas is home to 600, including predatory hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles. These flying hunters make their homes in trees, cliffs, chimneys, and other natural and manmade nooks.


Despite online horror stories of little dogs being snapped up by vicious birds, majestic birds …Read More

Animal World Tour: Canadian Lynx

If you’ve ever dreamed of a gargantu-sized housecat, you have probably been dreaming of the Canadian lynx. And if you’re as desperate to see one of these 20-inch tall, 20-pound wild cats, as LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is on our virtual world tour, you’re likely to keep dreaming—the Canada lynx avoids human contact and is tough to spot.


In Canada, lynxes have long tufts of black hair that spring from the tips of their ears, a short tail with a black end, and tall, thin legs. They have sly, light eyes and large, rounded paws.


They’re hunters of the showshoe hare, surviving on …Read More

Animal World Tour: Canadian Beaver

Moving on through Canada, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is on a hunt for beavers! No need to fear, though—we are only armed with binoculars.


Unfortunately for today’s beaver ancestors, early European explorers favored guns more than spyglasses. When European explorers in the late 1600s didn’t find the spices they hoped for when they were turned around and diverted from traveling to the Orient, they decided to settle on exporting beaver fur instead. Beavers were thick on the ground then, with populations in the millions. English and French fur traders began selling beaver fur hats, which quickly became popular across Europe.



Though beavers appeared …Read More

Animal World Tour: Canadian Atlantic Puffin

Traveling north into Canada, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is getting the first Passport stamp on our virtual ecological world tour. Granted, the first animal on our Bingo card is all the way on the east coast, but when a world tour is free to dream about, you can bounce around as much as you want without paying airline change fees or suffering jetlag. So, to the Atlantic Ocean we go!


Atlantic puffins are one of four puffin species, but they’re the only one that resides on the North Atlantic Ocean. The small sea birds are only about 10 inches long.

Puffins’ small shape, …Read More

Animal World Tour: Spinner Dolphins

Rounding out the LazyPaw Animal Hospitals dream tour of Hawaii, we’re putting a ridiculously cute spin on the ecological fantasy trip with… Spinner dolphins!


The islands are so teeming with life that you can book a tour to visit with wild dolphins, or you could kayak to a few special spots and spot them all on your own. Dolphins are famous for hanging out at Big Island’s Captain Cook Monument, aka Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, which is teeming with both history and marine life. The crystalline waters are dotted with brilliant coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, and of course—spinner …Read More

Animal World Tour: Hawaiian Monk Seals

No matter what the weather is like at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals in Frisco, sometimes our minds naturally wander to dream vacations in tropical climates. That’s why we’re taking off on a new blog series to tour around the world and explore some incredible animal species. Today, we know readers will squeal for seals!


Seals are usually happiest in freezing waters (think Boston). However, Hawaiian monk seals are true beachcombers, making their home in the tropical waters of the remote northwestern Hawaiian islands. These tiny islands are the smaller of Hawaiian’s arched dots of land in the middle of the ocean, and …Read More

Animal World Tour: Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Being a veterinarian is fantastic, but sometimes, you just want to see the world. We’d love to plan a global tour to see exotic animals across the planet, but my wife and fellow veterinarian, Dr. Julaine Hunter, and I are so busy with our wonderful patients here at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals that it’s hard to say when we’ll get a chance. Instead, I thought it would be fun to virtually explore amazing animals all over the world—plus, share our dream itinerary with you!


Our first stop… Hawaii!


Hawaii has long been praised for its stunning weather, spectacular scenery, and vibrant wildlife. The …Read More

Rottweilers: A Breed With Lots To Offer

Unfortunately for the Rottweiler breed their rapid rise to popularity led to some issues with disreputable breeders trying to cash in on the demand for puppies. Breeding of poorly selected dogs by uniformed breeders triggered reports of increased aggression in the breed as a whole, which is simply not true. As a breed the Rottweiler, also known as the Rottie, is a calm, loyal and very even tempered dog that is a natural protector but not naturally aggressive.

The breed originated from early Italian Mastiffs that accompanied the Roman legions as they moved through what is now modern Europe. The dogs …Read More

Why Do Animals Have Whiskers?

Our patients at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals have an ongoing competition to see who has the cutest whiskers. It’s ongoing because, on the scale of adorable-ness, everyone is always outdoing each other.


Whiskers are most often noticed on cats, as evidenced by any child’s drawing of a feline, which is almost guaranteed to include whiskers. However, whiskers are also a feature on most mammals including dogs, mice, beavers, and walruses.


Lots of people assume whiskers are just long hairs, but they are an ingeniously designed type of special hair follicle that’s both thicker and more rigid than fur. Most mammals have them around …Read More

The Amazing Border Collie

Border Collies are some of the most intelligent dogs in the world and their capacity to learn new tricks and figure out problems is the stuff of legends. These medium sized herding dogs are also excellent as agility dogs, Flydogs, Frisbee dogs and competitive obedience dogs.

With all the intelligence is also a very active breed of dog that does not do well in small, confined spaces. They can adjust to apartment life provided they have at least two 40 minute intensive exercise periods per day and have lots of toys and things to play with when they are left alone. …Read More

The Ancient Chow Chow Breed

The Chow Chow, more commonly known as the Chow, is a breed that really peaked in popularity in the mid to late 1980s. Since then the breed has been fairly consistent in registration numbers and continues to be a popular dog in many parts of the United States and the rest of the world.

The Chow is one of the Asian breeds of dogs, originally bred and developed in China, and probably dates back as far as 206 B.C. and perhaps even before. The ancestors of the Chow are not known, but it may very well be related to the Chinese …Read More

The Perky Pekingese; a Foo Dog

As one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world, the Pekingese can trace its history back to Peking, China, which is now known as Beijing. These little dogs were believed to have the ability to ward off and drive away evil spirits and were called Foo Dogs because of these abilities. The only people that were allowed to have Pekingese were royalty since they were seen as being of divine nature. The penalty for stealing or owning a Pekingese if you weren’t of the royal class was death.

The Chinese so valued these dogs that people on the street …Read More

The Loyal, Lovable Basset Hound

There are few people that can look at a Basset Hound without finding themselves smiling. This is an outgoing, friendly and incredibly patient dog that is great with kids and people of all ages. Bassets are highly social with other dogs, animals and household pets and rarely, when trained and socialized, become aggressive.

The Basset Hound is a good watchdog and their distinctive baying bark is easy to identify. While they don’t bark without cause they are incredible loud and may be difficult to have in a city or area where neighbors are not dog friendly. Their friendly nature makes them …Read More

Shih Tzu: Wonderful Dog- Watch your Spelling!

The Shih Tzu is a very ancient breed of dog that originated in Peking sometime in the early part of the 17th century. It is likely a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese and, if you look closely, the breed traits of both of these small dogs are definitely present. The Shih Tzu is an elegant and happy little dog that loves to be around people and is not delicate or fragile by any stretch of the imagination.

The beautiful long coat of the breed takes a lot of care and routine grooming to keep in top shape. The …Read More

Maltese: An Exotic Breed Of Companion Dog

The Maltese is a refined, elegant and distinguished small breed of dog that is perfect for a wide range of different households and living situations. They are a great apartment dog for an older owner while they also do very well in an active household with children.

The Maltese, as a breed, was first developed in Italy, specifically in Malta, and is believed to be a cross between Toy and Miniature Poodles and some breed of miniature spaniel. The dogs were so treasured by their owners that they were considered to be a part of the family at a time when …Read More

The Little Dog With A Huge Personality

Weighing in at less than six pounds and measuring less than nine inches at the shoulder the Chihuahua may be pint sized physically but they have the personality of a giant. Classed as a toy dog by the American Kennel Club these dogs are athletic, agile and very intelligent, willing to be affectionate with their owners but also be good watchdogs to let you know when strangers are around.

Unfortunately for the Chihuahua many owners baby these small dogs and create difficult behaviors for others to tolerate. A well socialized and obedience trained Chihuahua is friendly, well behaved and fun to …Read More

Cow Tipping: Myth or Tall Tail?

If you’ve ever bragged about going cow tipping… LazyPaw Animal Hospitals doesn’t mean to be rude, but we’re not sure we buy your story. In other words: Bull!

One reason cow tipping is a myth is because cows weigh a lot. About 1,400 pounds to be exact, which makes the idea of shoving your shoulder into the side of one to knock it over isn’t exactly plausible. It would be like trying to knock down a car. If you don’t believe us, this article even spells out the math!

Cows may doze off from time to time while standing, but when they …Read More

Evolution of dogs-from ancient to domestic

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is reminded every day of the many ways dogs are amazing creatures. From the teeny weenie Yorkie to massive Saint Bernards, dogs come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. It’s hard to believe that every canine from the smallest to the largest are all descended from a single species—the Canis lupus, or gray wolf.

Some DNA research suggests the transformation of the wolf into the genesis of our modern domesticated dogs started about 130,000 years ago. Before people had even begun settling down to start agricultural lives, wolves were getting used to them and starting to …Read More

Do dogs understand what were saying?

Your friendly pet Fido is a genius—most of the time, anyway. Though some researchers say dogs rely mostly (or solely) on physical cues such as body language to interpret what we feel or want, other studies suggest dogs may have vocabularies as robust as the average human toddler’s.

Although saying that may not be exactly fair… To the dog. Growing research on dogs has found that most canines can count, reason and recognize words and gestures as accurately as most human 2-year olds. Stanley Coren, a leading researcher on canine behavior and author of The Intelligence of Dogs, assessed 110 breeds …Read More

Anal glands: What they are, why they stink, and how to deal with it

If you’ve ever been around a beloved dog who happened to have an anal gland accident, you know the terrible feelings that follow—shock and shame from the dog, and likely a blend of disgust, humor, and the sinking knowledge that it’s your job to clean it up. Yuck!

The musky odors that can blast off from your precious friend’s rear end come from anal sacs, small pouches in both dogs and cats that store gland secretions in the sac lining. Two small ducts at the four and eight o’clock areas around the dog’s anus sometimes discharge these contents, and though the …Read More

The Scoop on Poop: Why dogs eat it, and how to deal

If you are a dog lover, chances are you might have encountered a time or two (or plenty) when you caught your dog eating #2. We’re trained, educated animal surgeons at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals and have seen lots of wild things during our medical careers, but this is one habit that still makes us say, “Eeeew.”

Plenty of dogs want to eat poo, and some will even go to great lengths to be sneaky and get away with it. Whether the feces is from cats, horses, geese, or even from their furry little selves, sometimes dogs just love the flavor. Yikes!

One …Read More

More Dog Body Language Explained

Last time on the blog, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals outlined how to tell whether a dog is happy, relaxed, playful or alert. Today, we’re discussing how to recognize signs that a dog is feeling aggressive, fearful, stressed or worried. Knowing the difference will help you be a better pet parent, but it will also help you read your animal for cues that they are not ready to interact with strangers or children.


When a dog is anxious or distressed, her body will be lower to the ground, tail curled under, ears back and pupils dilated. She may hold the corners of her …Read More

Dog Body Language Explained

Humans rely on words to get their point across and understand others, but dogs rely mostly on body language to send and receive messages. Today, we’ll cover happy, alert, and playful postures. In the next blog post, we’ll cover body language that shows a dog is feeling threatened or aggressive.

Happy Dog

A happy, relaxed pup has ears up, a head held high, a loose stance with weight flat on all four feet, and a tail that’s down and at ease. A dog in this posture doesn’t feel threatened or concerned—she’s just hanging out and is probably approachable. When Fido is chilling, …Read More

Naughty Dog Behaviors – And Why They Do Them

We adore our dogs, but sometimes they behave… Strangely. Chances are that your favorite Fido has engaged in these mysterious and often embarrassing actions, but even if they can’t be stopped, knowing the reasons behind their wilder canine tendencies may help you have a little more patience—or at least a laugh—the next time they do something totally weird.

Humping (and embarrassing you to death)

Dog spaying and neutering will greatly decrease your pet’s intuitive need to hump until the cows come home, but sometimes animals who have been spayed or neutered will still want to mount other dogs. Whether your dog tends …Read More

Strange Dog Behaviors Explained: Part 2

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but sometimes they do things that seem so weird we may wonder why the relationship works. From incessant licking to just plain staring at you until you’re uncomfortable, today LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is taking a closer look at some common canine behaviors and what reasons your pup may have for repeating them again and again.

Licking—and licking and licking and licking

Mmmm… Slobber. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a greeting from an enthusiastic pup who wants nothing more than to display their boundless love by coating you in slime. Dog licks are a way …Read More

Strange Dog Behaviors Explained: Part 1

Dogs are wonderful… And weird. Have you ever wondered why your dog can seem almost eerily human in one moment, and then you turn around to find them doing something so distinctly canine you wonder how they ever became domesticated in the first place? Today, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is dissecting oddball dog behaviors to explain why your favorite mutt is so doggone funny sometimes.

Walking in circles before hitting the hay

It can be cute when your dog rotates 360 degrees before mutating into a furry cinnamon-bun-shape to nap. Behaviorists aren’t exactly sure why dogs do this, but it’s likely a leftover …Read More

Amazing Exotic Animal Stories

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is knowledgeable about many more animals than just dogs and cats. We’re also experts when it comes to farm, equine, and even exotic animals! To celebrate our affection for some of the world’s more fantastic creatures, today we’re sharing some of our favorite exotic animal stories.

Christian the Loving Lion

Christian the lion was born in 1962 at the Ilfracombe Zoo in Devon, UK. His mother rejected the cubs, who were then cared for by the staff. Not long after birth, Christian and his sister were sold to Harrods department store in London. Friends, Australian natives, and fellow travelers …Read More

Amazing Animal Rescue Tales Pets Helping People

LazyPaw Animal Hospitals had a fantastic Fourth of July with local veterans at the third annual North Texas Military Association (NTXMA) “10-Mile Hump”. As we look back on a wonderful weekend of patriotism and celebrating our freedom, we thought it would be appropriate to spend some time thinking about what makes a hero special.

To us, love that inspires ordinary creatures to become heroes isn’t unique to humans. That’s why today we wanted to share some stories of our favorite animal heroes.

Thor: God of Thunder, and rescue pup turned rescuer.

When a North Carolina rescue dog found a neighbor who had fallen, …Read More

Amazing Animal Rescue Tales Humans Saving Pets

Last time on the LazyPaw Animal Hospitals blog, we commended some incredible animals for their heroic acts. From a talking parrot who saved a choking child to a cat who alerted her sleeping family of a carbon monoxide leak just in time, we checked out some incredible stories. Today, we’re taking a closer look at a few commendable people who have helped rescue animals.

Sochi Olympian saves litter of pups.

Olympic silver medalist and pro skier Gus Kensworthy was in Sochi to compete when he noticed a litter of puppies near the media center of Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. “I definitely wasn’t …Read More

Why Does My Dog Have a Dry Nose?

Most dogs have moist noses, but some suffer from uncomfortably dry, crusty noses. There are lots of possible causes for a dry sniffer, but the good news is there are also treatments and solutions you can try at home.

She just woke up.

When dogs sleep, they aren’t licking their noses, so snouts naturally dry out. Doggie noses will usually be wet again within about ten minutes of waking.

She’s dehydrated.

Keeping Fido hydrated is always important, but it’s even more vital in hot summer months. Dehydration can cause tons of problems, from heatstroke to kidney trouble, and it can also create dryness, scabs, …Read More

Famous Celebrity Pets: Music Stars

Every pet believes they are a rock star within the fences of their own back yards. But these celebrity pets favored by music legends of the past and present made their impact on modern culture by leaving paw prints on the hearts of those responsible for shaping music history.

If you’re sure your pet is a diva or who knows they are worthy of some limelight, we’d love to meet them at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. We believe every animal deserves some star treatment!

John Lennon: Cat Lover

John Lennon was an avid animal lover, as evidenced by his many, many cats: Elvis, Tich, …Read More

Famous Royal Pets

Recently, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals profiled some famous pets, starting with the beloved animals of celebrity musicians and moving on to take a peek into the lives of some well known American presidential pets. Today, we’re hopping the pond to profile some of the fuzzy friends who have captured the hearts of British leadership and royalty.

If know your pup deserves royal treatment and are looking for Frisco dog boarding or Frisco cat boarding, call us at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals. We’d love to meet your furry friend and give her a loving, happy place to stay while you’re away!

Queen Victoria & Dash

Dash, …Read More

Celebrity Pets with Presidential Pedigrees

Americans love following the lives of presidential families, especially when it comes to their pets. Today, we’re profiling some of our favorite First Pooches and First Kitties!

Does your pet demand royal treatment? Then we’d love to meet them at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals in Frisco, where every animal is given the best of the best. Whether it’s pet vaccinations, dental care for pets, Frisco dog boarding, a regular checkup, or surgery, our staff is here to make your animal feel like a king or queen.

The Obamas

The two Obama girls had to do some serious campaigning to convince their parents to get …Read More

Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Everyone who has ever loved an animal knows what a great friend a pet can be. At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals, we’re not just animal lovers, we’re doctors, which is why we want to share some of the ways pets are good for more than just the human soul. Animal companions provide proven health benefits for everyone from children to those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Fido may be helping your allergies, not aggravating them.

Former wisdom said that kids who grew up with pets were more likely to develop allergies to them over the years, but one study found that children who grow up …Read More

More amazing exotic cat breeds

The World Cup is in full force, and to celebrate the games, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals is putting the spotlight on some jaw-dropping exotic cat breeds from around the world.

The Siberian

The Siberian is the national cat of Russia; the rare breed was adopted by former President Dmitry Medvedev. The cat, Dorofei, was featured on a non-currency banknote issued on the International Day of St. Petersburg’s Cats. Siberians are the second largest domesticated cat, sometimes exceeding 20 pounds. The cats have large, upturned eyes and three dense layers to their coats. Some Siberians have lower levels of the protein that causes allergies …Read More

Amazing exotic cat breeds

This month on the LazyPaw Animal Hospitals blog, we’ve been delving into the world of frisky felines. As we count down to the upcoming World Cup on June 12, I wanted to take a walk on the wild side and showcase some exotic cat breeds from around the world.

Savannah Cat (Africa)

Savannahs are 30-pound crossbreeds between domestic cats and mid-size, large-eared, wild African cats. Their attitude is more social than the average feline’s; they can learn to walk on a leash and play fetch, which owners say makes them the perfect mix between cat and dog. Because Savannahs are extremely hard …Read More

Reasons cats can be purr-fect pets

Longtime cat lovers are well versed in the incredible benefits of a rewarding relationship with a feline companion. However, sometimes the uninitiated may miss the boat on a potentially great pet relationship because they don’t think of cats as the right fit. The list of reasons cats are amazing can stretch on for ages, but this week, the LazyPaw Animal Hospitals blog is highlighting our top five.

They’re so loveable we don’t envy the fact that every day is a vacation.

Cats spend every day the way we usually would at the beach—relaxing, napping, sunning, and playing. Living with a creature who …Read More

Amazing Cat Facts

As Cliff Clavin Would Say….

We’ve been delving into the world of felines recently on the LazyPaw Animal Hospitals blog, and this week we’re looking at incredible cat facts!

A long history

• Cats first migrated to America from Europe in the 1750s. They were imported for their excellent pest control abilities.
• In Australia and the United Kingdom, black cats are actually considered good luck.
• “Bezoar” isn’t just a Harry Potter reference, it’s the scientific name for a cat hairball.
• Cats today live about twice as long as felines did only 50 years ago.

Yum yum

• The average 10-pound cat only …Read More

Designer Feline or Shelter Kitty?

When you’ve decided to get a cat to call your own, the next big hurdle is finding her. After all, there aren’t just plenty of cats in the world—there are lots of breeds, prices, ages, and more to choose from. Even if you have a designer kitty in mind, you might be surprised which cat ends up choosing you in the end.

Shelters often have pure bred cats.

Shelters aren’t just filled with random mixes of breed. Pure bred animals regularly find themselves becoming rescues, so if you’re set on a specific brand of kitty, don’t rule out local pet adoption chapters …Read More

Cat body language

Your cat might not speak your language, but you can learn to speak theirs. By understanding how to read the signs and signals your cat is sending you through their body language, you will have better insight into how they are feeling.


Similar to babies’ coos and cries, meowing can send a variety of signals. It might be a greeting (“Hi! Missed you…”), an objection (“Don’t touch!”), an announcement (“Look, I brought you a dead mouse!”), or even a direct order (“Feed me now” or “Put me down.”). Just as babies coo to themselves, sometimes cats will just walk around and …Read More

Tips For Fabulous Holiday Pet Pics

3 Tips For Fabulous Holiday Pet Pics

It’s that time of the year again the holidays! For many of us, the holidays consist of taking family pictures. As pet owners and lovers, we usually want to include our furry friends to make the picture complete! Some of us may even be guilty of a little pet holiday costume photo shoot (don’t worry you’re not alone.) But, let’s be honest, it isn’t always easy to direct their attention to the camera at the right moment.
Below are some easy tricks to help you capture the perfect holiday photo of your pet.

Use the …Read More

What are the signs your dog is aging?

Remember when you were a kid, if someone challenged you based on your age, you could just say, “Well, I’m 35 in dog years!” Dogs have shorter life spans than people, so they will mature and age more quickly. But pet life spans have a huge range; most dogs live about 12 years, but some can live much longer. With such a wide potential life span, how can you tell when your pet is aging and needs additional TLC?

What’s a “senior” dog?

A pup’s golden years start between 7 and ten years old. Larger breeds often become seniors earlier than small …Read More

How to pick the perfect dog

How to pick the perfect dog for you
Brent Bilhartz, DVM

The decision to get a new dog is exciting. Adopting a pet means you are adding another member to your family, which is a huge commitment. Pets require a lot of love, attention, care, and even financial investment, and they’ll be your companion for many years to come. Since every dog is different, choosing the right breed to suit your lifestyle and personality is a vital step to ensuring you have a happy long term relationship with your new canine. Here are some factors to consider when figuring out which breed …Read More

Suburban wildlife is NOT out to get you

If you live around Dallas, you probably saw the recent news story about bobcats prowling through Plano. Then again, if you live around Dallas, you’ve probably seen a bobcat with your own two eyes! The big kitties are roaming through a network of underground pipes, and though happening upon on one can be startling, we at LazyPaw Animal Hospitals want to broadcast the word that despite their wild appearance, bobcats are perfectly safe. These feral felines aren’t out to harm you, your kids, or your pets- They want rabbits.

It can be surprising to stumble upon a bobcat, but …Read More

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