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Dog Sprayed by Skunk

Texas is a great place for your dog to be sprayed buy a skunk, being the biggest state in the Union, it only makes sense that we would have five distinct skunk species, way more than any other state! Given this fact, if you or your pets are prone to stray from the beaten path, or if you are lucky enough to reside in or near greenbelt areas, it is more than likely that at some point you will run into a skunk.  Skunks are active primarily in the night hours and can adapt well to urban areas like the …Read More

Canine Allergies in Texas

Dog Allergies in Texas. Atopic dermatitis. Allergic skin disease. Atopy. They all mean the same thing. Your pet is allergic to something, and it’s usually something outside. While our allergies involve itchy eyes and watery noses, our pet’s allergies typically result in itchy skin which can get pretty uncomfortable considering the skin is the largest organ in the body. The most common places our pets are going to scratch will be their ears, abdomen, and feet – potentially because all three are easily accessible with the mouth to chew or the feet to scratch.

Diagnosing and managing allergies can be extremely …Read More

Help your pet with separation anxiety

It’s date night, and you’re getting ready to go. As you put on a dress shirt, your dog Buster starts to whine. When you put on your best shoes, he tries hiding under the couch. As you close and lock the front door, you can hear him barking and howling. You feel terrible because he clearly hates it when you’re gone, but what are you supposed to do—stay home forever?


When you come home relaxed after a great meal, you find a hole chewed in the couch, urine on the carpet, and poop in your second best shoes. Buster clearly had …Read More

‘Tis the Season of Toxicities


This week alone we have fielded several emergency calls for pet ingestion of undesirable substances: chocolate, garlic, decorations and Tylenol.  Unfortunately not all veterinary clinics are open 24 hours a day to answer questions or to assist with home triage.  In the North Dallas Metroplex we are fortunate to have several round the clock, referral level practices available to our clients; however, what happens when traveling with your pet, or you want to do your own independent research before making a call?

For a quick look up, two free applications which can readily be downloaded to your mobile devices are ASPCA’s …Read More

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