Frisco Montessori Academy

Elfie goes to school!
Today Dr. Hunter accompanied Elfie, LazyPaw Animal Hospitals’ official Canine Ambassador, to Frisco’s premier Montessori school, Frisco Montessori Academy. With Dr. Hunter’s assistance, Elfie demonstrated the mechanics of dog teeth brushing, the basics of dog grooming , including nail trimming and coat brushing, as well as the importance of regular check-ups. Visual aides were employed to illustrate how important it is for dogs and cats to have access to only appropriately sized toys and that even the most fun toys often require supervised use including but not limited to rope toys, balls and those oh so chewable and rip-up-able Frisbees to avoid inappropriate ingestion!
FMA’s students were extremely knowledgeable when it came to the essentials of basic dog and cat husbandry. In addition to this, many knew what parasites were, could describe several specific types as well as their lifecycles. Way to go science teachers!!! Several students volunteered that their families practiced regular heartworm prevention in both their indoor cats as well as their family dogs. Dr. Hunter and Elfie were suitably impressed!
After the boring teaching stuff, it was time for Elfie to meet her fans. With her typical charm and panache, Elfie won the hearts of both young and old, and even the most doggie fearful. She was extremely patient in permitting little fingers to pat her head, to rub her tummy and to tickle her under her tiny chin. The most nervous of the group was finally won over when she curled up at his feet, resting her head on the tip of his shoe.

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