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Veterinary Library for Pet Owners

LazyPaw is the world’s largest online veterinary resource for pet owners, vets and vet managers alike. Our ever growing library is full of easily digestible articles about common pet problems seen and solved in veterinary medicine. They are written to be shared with pet owners after their pet has been diagnosed and treated at a clinic. We hope this will help pet owners make wise decisions and learn in a friendly environment.


Pet owners can search a variety of topics relevant to their pets’ health. We hope these articles explain your pets’ health situation in a way that helps you understand the diagnosis. If you have follow up questions specific to your pet, please contact your veterinarian.

For Veterinarians and Hospital Managers

Articles in our library may be easily and freely shared with the pet owners you serve in your community. Feel free to share links with your pet owners or incorporate this library into your practice however you see fit. We built the library for ourselves, and we will happily share it with anyone in the veterinary profession.