Shelby Passed Her CVA Level II

Shelby Passed!! She is now a Certified Veterinary Assistant Level II

At LazyPaw Animal Hospitals we take every opportunity to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Birthdays, anniversaries, new baby arrivals or academic achievements are all fair game.  We are pleased to announce that our very own Shelby Aton is now a Level II Certified Veterinary Assistant!!!  In our hospital a veterinary assistant is an extension of the veterinary medical team and responsible for assisting both doctors and technicians with patient care and diagnostic procedures.

Certified Veterinary Assistant

What is the CVA?:

There are three levels of veterinary assistant certifications in Texas. Each requires the completion of a range of skills which build upon each other at each subsequent level. Candidates must work hard to not only grow their veterinary medical skills but also their knowledge base in the care of their patients.  Trained to answer client questions related to pet care, training and basic behavior, veterinary assistants also aid patient care by making veterinarian directed client call backs to ensure prescribed therapies are working and to ensure patients are doing well following surgical procedures. Assistants also excel at providing extra TLC to hospitalized and day patients when a longer hospital stay is required. Because veterinary medicine is always expanding and new treatment discoveries are continuously being made, veterinary assistants are required to annually renew their certifications and to maintain a continuing education record.  These measures are in place to ensure that assistants remain current, familiar with the latest advancements in veterinary medical care.


What does all this mean for you, our clients? It means that our veterinary team members are well educated professionals dedicated to providing the very best level of care to our patients, your family members. You only want the best for your pet. So do we.

Dr. Julaine Hunter

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