Pet Care
Pet Care

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Pet Care for Kids by Kids

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    About LazyPaw

    LazyPaw Animal Hospitals

    LazyPaw Animal Hospital and Vet Clinic was founded in 2005 by the husband and wife team Dr. Brent Bilhartz and Dr. Julaine Hunter with the intention to provide outstanding patient care, top-notch customer service, and a positive impact on the Frisco community. Today, our strong team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and client coordinators apply their compassionate attitudes and sincere love for animals toward helping pets and their families, we aim to be the best veterinarians in Frisco. Each medical decision our doctors make is based upon this culture of genuine care.

    We are veterinarians are without distraction and work diligently to determine the most effective plan of action for each patient’s unique needs while enhancing quality of life as much as possible. Our doctors provide preventative wellness care which may include yearly exams, vaccines, testing, routine spay and neuter surgeries, and routine dentals. They also care for sick patients who may require extensive treatment, surgery, and post-operative care. Our on-site laboratory, radiology, and surgical suites help us quickly achieve results and precise diagnoses.

    While excellent medical treatment is a priority, we also understand our clients’ close involvement in their pet’s health is an essential component of quality patient care. Our team of the best veterinarians in Frisco is always ready to help our clients provide care at home whether it involves helping pet owners learn how to recognize crucial signs of sickness, developing a healthy feeding plan, or teaching how to properly clean ears, trim nails, or give fluids.

    Our quality patient care goes hand in hand with quality customer service. When our clients need to schedule an appointment, would like more information about a procedure, or need to refill a prescription, our team is always ready to assist, answer questions, and address concerns. Our online pharmacy contributes to our customer service by providing a convenient way to fill prescriptions. Each medication is handled, stored and filled by a trained veterinary team member who is familiar with the pet’s needs. Not only is our prescription filling process convenient, it is also cost effective as many of our prices beat those of national pet pharmacy chains.

    Outside of the office, the vet clinic team at LazyPaw also prioritizes community outreach and education. Our team is frequently involved in events throughout the year such as school career days, mentorship programs, Paws and Give Thanks, and annual pet photos with Santa.

    By combining compassionate patient care, attentive customer service, and close community involvement, LazyPaw Animal Hospital strives to deliver trustworthy and reliable options for dogs, cats, and be the best veterinarians in Frisco.

    Katy at the vet clinic, the best veterinarians in Frisco


    LazyPaw Animal Hospital and our Veterinarians offer Comprehensive Vet Clinic services:
    • Preventive Care (Blood Work Screenings, Urinalysis, Vaccinations and Shots)
    • Spay and Neuters for Dogs and Cats
    • Dental Care
    • Medical Care (Endocrine Disorders, Skin Disorders, Ocular Issues, etc.)
    • Veterinary Surgery (Elective and Emergency)
    • On-site Pharmacy
    • Online Pharmacy
    • On-site Laboratory and Radiology
    • Boarding for Medical Needs Patients
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