Rabies Awareness: For School Kids and Their Families

 With the Recent Rabies cases in The Colony a quick note on Rabies.

Rabies Awareness: Information and Instructions for School Kids and Their Families
What is rabies?
A sickness affecting the brain of mammals – animals with hair.
Rabies makes wild animals act strangely: no fear of people, have trouble walking or flying
Wild mammals with rabies can give this illness to other mammals (people included!) through a bite or a scratch that breaks the skin. It can also be transmitted if saliva from the rabid animal gets into the eyes, nose, mouth or open cuts of another mammal.
Rabies is almost always FATAL!!! This means that the infection makes a person or animal so sick that they will die.  Luckily there is a therapy which if given within 72 hours of a bite can keep the person from getting sick.  Medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible!!!
Which mammals in Texas are most likely to carry rabies?
Skunks, foxes, raccoons, coyotes and bats. (Texas bats test positive for rabies more than any other state!)
Cats, dogs and domestic animals can get rabies as well and give it to their families.
Vaccines against rabies are available to protect ferrets, horses, cows, goats and sheep!
Which mammals in Texas are least likely to carry rabies?
Cage raised animals like hamsters and gerbils.
Wild rats, mice, squirrels and rabbits.
Domestic dogs, cats, ferrets and farm animals current on their rabies immunizations (shots).
Did you know?
Bats are beneficial. Most eat annoying insects and some pollinate plants.
Texas has 33 of the 43 different kinds of bat species living in the United States of America!
A bat that has rabies is so sick it cannot fly so it might be found on the ground.
Bat teeth are so tiny that bite marks cannot be seen, and a sleeping person can be bitten without knowing it!!!
You should NEVER touch a bat! Find an adult immediately, and take them to where it is.
NEVER pick up a bat, even if it appears dead. Find an adult immediately, and take them to where it is.
You can protect your pets from getting rabies by
ensuring they are properly vaccinated against this disease.
supervising your pet when it is outside at all times.
preventing your pet from harassing wildlife.

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