Annual Kennel Cough Vaccine

Kennel cough (Annual Bordetella vaccine) vaccines are effective when administered every 12 months. Most bordetella vaccines on the market today (injectable, oral or nasal) have been licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as an annual kennel cough vaccine providing proven protection.

A current trend in Frisco is to use these vaccines every six months; it is in your interest to ask Why? It is very likely the vaccine being used carries a 12 month USDA Label backed up by solid science and a generous guarantee from the manufacturer. A generous guarantee specific to the use for an Annual Kennel Cough Vaccine.

Vaccination is a medical decision that involves the selection and the use of vaccines for the prevention of disease. Consult your veterinarian when considering vaccination to ensure you are fully aware of the risks and the reasons for vaccination. Your veterinarian should be clear and forward with the reasons why they recommend a shorter administration frequency than the USDA label.

Annual Kennel Cough Vaccine: Annual Bordetella Vaccine
Over-vaccination is a valid concern which is why we recommend annual vaccination against Bordetella with effective, 12 month duration vaccines.

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