Frisco Animal Surgery Information

Why would my pet need surgery?

Just like people, your pets may need to have a surgical procedure to allow them to live healthy and happy lives free from disease or health problems. While it is always important to consider all treatment possibilities, sometimes surgery is the only option to treat the problem that your pet is experiencing. Surgeries can be required if your pet needs to be spayed or neutered, has a medical condition such as cancer, urinary stones or serious injury due to trauma. It may also occur if your dog or cat got into something they shouldn’t have, maybe your Lab ate the laundry or the cat ate some dental floss, a situation we refer to as a “foreign body”. This is relatively common with both cats and dogs and, without immediate surgical treatment the situation can become life threatening. Here is the complete Frisco animal surgery information.

How are the procedures preformed?

Dr. Hunter, our Frisco Veterinarian,  performs most of our surgeries that are more complicated than a simple spay or neuter. With extensive experience in soft tissue surgery, Dr. Hunter is uniquely qualified to perform surgeries on all types of small animals regularly seen in the practice. Although Dr. Hunter performs the surgeries the entire approach is team based, with emphasis on treating the entire pet before, during and after the procedure.

Frisco Animal Surgery Information - the surgery process

What happens afterward?

Our attention to your pet doesn’t stop after the surgery is complete. We may require that the pet remains in our care to ensure that there are no post procedure complications. We will be sending your pet home with an ecollar that is designed to stop them from licking and biting at the surgical site, reducing the chance of infection and problems with the stitches or staples being pulled out. In addition we also focus in on pain management and will make every effort to mitigate any post surgical discomfort that your pet may experience.

Before taking your pet home we will meet with you to discuss any concerns you have and also to provide information on post operative care in the home. We will also let you know when and if we need to see the pet again to remove stitches or staples and to give them a clean bill of health. To find out more about our surgical services give us a call, we are always happy to share information and to schedule an appointment.