Pet Vaccinations in Frisco

Longer Acting Pet Vaccinations

We can all agree the worst part of the visit to the doctor is a needle, so why wouldn’t our pets feel the same way? Our focus is always to provide your pet with the vaccinations necessary to keep them safe from viruses and diseases without any unnecessary shots. Unlike other veterinarians annual programs our pet vaccinations in Frisco services provide maximum coverage for the maximum amount of time. This saves the dreaded yearly shots for your dog or cat and also helps you to have peace of mind that your pets are safe.

So, instead of having to load up Fido and Whiskers every year, we provide you with the luxury of a three year vaccination cycle for all the core vaccines. The core vaccines include those that are common here in Texas plus the standard vaccines that are specific to your species of pet. We also provide a one year Bordetella vaccine for the treatment of kennel cough, an important consideration for dogs that have any type of exposure to other dogs in parks, shows, or boarding and grooming facilities.

Pet Vaccinations in Frisco

Vaccines Should be Kept Up-to-Date

Keeping your pet up to date on his or her vaccinations is an important part of responsible animal ownership. Vaccines work to stimulate the pet’s natural immune system by introducing small amounts of inactivated or modified types of the virus. That way your pet’s body already has the antibodies it needs to ramp up his or her immune system and fight off the virus when they are exposed to the live virus.

We have a strong commitment to the health of your pet, which is why we recommend the specific vaccinations that we use. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have on the vaccines that we recommend and why we are so passionate about ensuring that your pets are protected. Be sure to use our handy online appointment schedule to set your next vaccination appointment; it is easy, fast and very simple.