Frisco Veterinarians at Frisco vet clinic

About Our Founding Veterinarians

Founded in 2005 by husband and wife team Dr. Brent Bilhartz and Dr. Julaine Hunter, LazyPaw has been a Frisco vet clinic from day one. These Frisco veterinarians focus exclusively on the health, wellness, and care of local pets as well as to provide convenience and peace of mind for their families. We like to emphasize that we are not simply here for the pets, we are here to serve people first and foremost. Our call to serve others is why jump out of bed every morning excited to turn on the lights.

LazyPaws user friendly online tools are available day and night. Clients can make an online appointment when it is convenient, with day or night live access to our schedule. If your pet is up at 2am with a tummy ache, being able to schedule an appointment for first thing the next morning means a better nights sleep.

Our online pharmacy is convenient, budget friendly, and stocked with the medications you trust at prices that compete with the national pet pharmacies. We often beat them on price, when we do miss it, it is just by a buck or two. On service, we beat them hands down every single time; no numbing bureaucracy to navigate and you actually know the people filling your prescription.

LazyPaw will send your pets vaccine certificate to any groomer, kennel, or doggie-day care. Just a few clicks and keystrokes on our online form, and we will get your certificates to the right place before you need it there. Its just one more service we provide to make your life easier.

Being a family business means were also all about hiring the right people. Our staff are carefully selected to be part of a cohesive team whose focus is to keep your pet healthy and happy. We only hire highly-skilled professionals with a genuine compassion for animal care.

You can tell the difference from the moment you walk in the door.